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Thread: 1911 Magazines

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    I've always bought surplus mags at gun shows. Never had a problem, and you can't beat the price.
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    wilson mags have hit or miss reliability with Springfield 1911's. problem is, you never know if it'll work with yours until you plop down the $40. (check out the Springfield forum on 1911forum.com great place for info)

    i only use Springfield factory and metalform mags in my champion operator. they feed everything and are $10-$12.

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    I have an SA M1911A1 GI and use Chip McCormick 8-rd mags with the carry base pads. I use them during competition and the only problem I've had is after the mags are empty the follower doesn't stay well in the mags.

    Here's a quick cell pic of it with one of my carry mags.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gglockster View Post
    IMHO, in order:

    1. Tripp Research
    2. Wilson Combat
    3. Chip McCormick

    Can't go wrong with any of them. I have a buddy that puts Wilson Combat springs and follower in his other magazines.
    This. My Springfield Armory 1911-A1 Mil-Spec loves the Tripp Cobra mag, but my Wilson 47D lost control of a round and failed to run the round into the extraction groove, so I don't feel I can trust it any more as my carry mag. So the Wilson swapped places with the Tripp and now resides on my hip as my back-up mag, while the Tripp stays in the gun.

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    I've used Chip McCormick, Colt (factory), and Star (cheapo knock-off).

    Chip McCormick work great
    Colt Factory work great
    Star sucks majorly

    I'm looking at getting some wilson's once I get another 1911. Heard they are nice.
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