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This is a discussion on within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I usually use to check what going prices are and for availability. However, I have made one gun purchase off gunbroker back in February. ...

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    I usually use to check what going prices are and for availability.

    However, I have made one gun purchase off gunbroker back in February. I got a good deal and the sale went off without a hitch.

    I wouldn't hesitate to purchase a gun through them again if the situation ever comes up again. For example, if I ever get that M1A Scout/Squad, it'll probably be through gunbroker as those are hard to get your hands on here locally.

    Be sure to check out the sellers status and reputation before buying!
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    Quote Originally Posted by reyno2ac View Post
    The problem I see with gunbroker, and ebay now, is that businesses are just listing their products for retail value. The point of the site, as far as I'm concerned, is for individuals to sell items, not businesses.
    The point of the site is for individuals and businesses to sell goods and services. It's never been an "individual only" site.
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    I have bought 3 in the last couple of years. 2 were older and hard to find decently and my LCR (new) that I got $100 cheaper after shipping & FFL fees than the cheapest shop in town. When that happens, it's a no brainer.
    Ditto's to those who counsel patience and comparison feedback shopping. Be careful and happy hunting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brass63 View Post
    BTW, those who have a calculating patience get the best deals.

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    Like anything else you need to do some research and shop around. I have bought many items on GB and saved plenty of $. But you have to know what your buying and have patients at time. I would like to buy locally however there isn't a decent shop to deal with so I do most of my shopping on GB.
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    I bought my P239 from an individual seller on GB....completed the sale through an FFL (different states). You'll occasionally find a good deal, but you really have to sift through the chaff.
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    I have bought 3 pistols off GB, and all the transactions were great.

    You do bring up a good point, about seeing how it feels in your hand. I have a 1911, so when I bought one on GB I was thinking it was going to feel similar, wrong answer. I learned a lesson from that. I now have a $1350 dollar pistol that just lives in the safe because I don't like the way it feels in my hand. Yes, I have tried to sell it local for what i paid for it, with no luck and it sells local for $1600.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldVet View Post
    To me, GB is no more than an E-Bay for guns. I prefer to do my gun buying through stores or established business with online services.

    agreed. you gamble loosing your money sending it to anonymous people online. buy it locally.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldVet View Post
    To me, GB is no more than an E-Bay for guns. I prefer to do my gun buying through stores or established business with online services.
    I agree. And, I have yet to see a situation where I could buy a gun on Gunbroker for less than I can find it locally (40-mile radius).

    I've been looking at more and more. But it too will eventually be taken over by dealers listing items at retail prices.
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    Point to the individual stating: "watch the shipping charges", in fact I don't think I have ever seen anything (handgun related) with a shipping charges of more than $35, most of the time it's lower or actual cost.

    It costs that much to ship a pistol if it goes overnight or 2nd day air, so therefore, why should the seller bear the brunt of the inflated UPS charges - come on get real...!!! If you think $35.00 is a lot of money to pay for a pistol to be shipped overnight then you shouldn't be buying anything online stick to your local stealer as he will have all those charges already factored into his inflated price. Don't you think dealers have to pay for shipping from the wholesaler, you bet they do and then they pass that on to you.

    If it states "actual shipping charges" then I would require them to provide me with a quote after I provide my zip code. This is where an unscrupulous dealer or seller can scalp you on shipping, however, you will know that prior to paying and therefore you can report them to the GB staff.

    As far as GB goes on the whole, there are a lot of kitchen top dealers on that site and you can save yourself a bundle on new firearms over the cost of what your local stealer will charge. It's always been my experience that the local stealer has thier merchandise marked up anywhere from $75 to $125 over wholesale cost - you can take that to the bank.

    Go to your local shop look at feel the hand gun you want, get his price - Then check GB for the hand gun your looking for check pricing and be sure to check that persons feedback, anyone with more than 10 to 20 positive feedback you can bet is just as reliable as your local guy maybe even more so. I have personally purchased, hand guns from my local dealer and had problems and had to fight for resolution. Purchased from GB had one problem guy took the pistol back and refunded my money - know why? because he depends on positive feedback to sell his guns and any negative feedback on GB is the KISS OF DEATH, they know that and will make you happy. In that respect I think GB is actually safer than your local guy.

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    I have completed 87 transactions on gunbroker and never had a problem. I have purchased everything from guns to grips to manuals and have always found the sellers to be honest and reliable.
    The minor difference in prices is sometimes reflected in shipping costs. While you can't actually hold the item you're interested in, you can see a large assortment, compare prices and have the item delivered to your door. I have also found prices significantly lower than in shops and stores...even with the shipping expense. One example, I purchased a brand new S&W 500 on gunbroker for $867.95+$25.00 shipping+$20.00 for transfer=$921.95. I couldn't find it in any shop for less than $1,000.00, which would have included 7% sales tax not charged on gunbroker.
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    I buy ammo off Gunbroker all the time, you can get some good deals and find some hard to get calibers or specific ammo there. As for firearms, I've only bought 1, and it was an older revolver, in the box with paperwork, pretty rare (buy was very easy and legit, just as my ammo transactions have been ).

    Something like that is the only time I see you could get something you couldn't get local. If it is a new gun you"ll be better off dealing local, IMHO.
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