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    I was wandering if anyone has used to purchase a gun. I am thinking about getting a kahr cw9 and saw a few on this site but am not to sure if it is a good idea to buy one on it mainly because i cant actually hold it and make sure it is what i want. Plus one place has it for 400 and the other for 5 somthing so whats the differance is there somthing wrong with the one that is cheaper or is it just a good deal? If you have any insite on this site i would like to hear from you.

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    To me, GB is no more than an E-Bay for guns. I prefer to do my gun buying through stores or established business with online services.
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    The problem I see with gunbroker, and ebay now, is that businesses are just listing their products for retail value. The point of the site, as far as I'm concerned, is for individuals to sell items, not businesses.
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    Do your homework and if you find a gun on GB for a good price, buy it. Remember though that you will pay about $30 in shipping and another $25 for ffl transfer. Factor that into your bottom line.

    I have purchased 5 or 6 guns online and have had no problems.
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    I have bought a few guns on GB and have been happy with it.
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    I can buy local for cheaper than GB with the factoring so unless it's really rare and I can't live without it for another second I'll go to one of several local shops and get it for less.

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    I've bought about 6 or 8 guns as well as various other accessories from and I've never been disappointed. The trick is to do some research so you know what you're buying and how much its worth. Pay close attention to the photos and descriptions, you can usually spot the junk just from the pics or language. There are a lot of dealers selling stuff for retail or higher, but there are also some bargains to be had if you're patient and diligent.

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    I bought a Steyr Prohunter 7mm-08 Mtn Rifle last year on GB. Got it for $ 120.00 less than I could locally. I already owned Steyr 7mm Mag. so I was familiar with the gun and didn't need to handle it prior to purchase for feel or whatnot. Overall it was a good buying experience.

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    I bought plenty on and, never had any complaints. Have saved alots of $$.

    I tend to only buy from real dealers instead of overpriced crap from pawnshops "dealers"
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    Me too. No issues at all with GunBroker.
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    For used guns, hard to find stuff, or antiques, GB is fine, as long as you are aware of what a decent price is.

    For new stuff, or relatively new stuff, I have found it's usually about as cheap to buy from your local dealer, plus, I don't really want to offend my FFL by asking him to do the transfer on a gun, that he probably could've sold me for about the same price.

    Watch the feedback too, just like on EB. It seems like there are more shady/horsetrader types on GB, so beware. Many of them are not computer saavy, check their email about once a week, no working phone, etc. Not saying everyone is that way, but just that it seems like there are a lot more of these types on GB as opposed to EB.

    One very important thing, especially on handguns--WATCH THE SHIPPING CHARGES if from an individual. If the auction is for "actual shipping charges" get a quote first, and get them to guarantee it!

    What happens, the individual finds out that he must either use UPS or FEDEX to ship the gun, and if he does it legal and declares it a firearm, they slap him with next day air, and all kinds of other charges. These charges can be $55 to $90 depending on how far you are from each other. (Don't ask me how I know this!)

    If it is an FFL, they can just usually mail to another FFL much cheaper.


    I've gotten a lot of good deals on GB on older stuff, but for a Kahr, my advice would be to find one locally. Was out the door under $450 for my CW9 which included sales tax, and helped keep my local store around to buy powder from.

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    I have bought many firearms off gunbroker. All of them have been very good deals, without any problems what so ever. If you really watch, stay patient and know when to stop bidding, there are deals here and there. As Devilsclaw said be careful about the actual shipping charges. I stay away from those auctions now.

    As for the Kahr's, both of my MK9's were lightly used (like new) and I'm pleased with what I paid for them, even with shipping and FFL transfer fees.

    There are no local shops around here unless I go up to the city. I find it fun shopping around gunbroker, but beware, the majority of stuff is overpriced and never sells...just relisted over and over. If you log in and check "completed auctions" you will see what is selling for what, and what is not.

    Good Luck.

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    Well, I'd be glad use my local dealers if they could get me what I wanted and at a decent price, unfortunatey here lately, they can't do either. I have to go out of town about 50 miles to get what I want or go on-line. So my advice is get it where you can and at the best price, if that's in town, so be it, if on-line, still good.
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    All of my experiences with GB have been very positive.
    Just be sure to read all of the fine print and check the sellers' references.
    BTW, those who have a calculating patience get the best deals.
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    I've used it and it has been good so far
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