ffl question

ffl question

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Thread: ffl question

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    ffl question

    We are new to having an FFl and just got a business offer to be the ffl for the gun department at a new hunting and marine business.
    I have a few questions and thought MAYBE someone out there might now the answers:
    1. Can we lease space from another reatail store?
    2. How do we insure ourselves? or can we use the businesses insurance?
    3. Do we have to provide the money for the purchase of the guns in the department store or can the business provide the money and we use our ffl for the purchase?
    Basically, we would want to transfer our home based ffl to this location and be the ffl in charge of all purchases and recording for this seperate retail business. We would make a minimum profit (which of course is more than right now) and they would also make a minimum profit over the cost of the guns... is this a possibilty?

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    First, where in FL?
    I don't understand why a gun department wouldn't have its own FFL, but hey, if they're willing to toss some business your way, it keeps your economy going.

    1. Space can be leased, but it's an expensive proposition and usually involves a long-term deal. Do you really need space? It sounds like your biggest work is sending/receiving packages.
    2. What are you insuring yourself against? Talk to a business insurance agent and see what they suggest for coverage. Keep in mind the agent is in the Insur. selling business and might recommend more than you need.
    3. The business should be paying for the firearms thenselves and paying you a fee for your FFL service.

    Sounds like you might want to invest a few dollars in a consultation with a business lawyer to be on the safe side. Might be worth it!
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