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    I have been measuring my groups lately as I am trying to shrink them. The are quite adequate for SD purposes, but I know my 7 yard, 5 shot groups are similar to what some of you are hitting at 25 yards - 1.5" to 2.0". Surprisingly, my snubbie (S&W 642 DAO) is grouping with my G21 as my best gun at 1.5" at 7 yards.

    My questions for the group are:

    1. What is a good group at 25 yards shooting offhand, i.e., not with a bench rest or sand bag but a two handed grip using slow fire aimed tecnhique.

    2. For those of you that are grouping really well at 25 yards, what did you do to get there? Is it just practice or should I be doing something more?

    I appreciate your input.
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    I wouldn't believe what everyone says on a forum. I've never shot 3" groups with a handgun and probably never will--never had steady hands. But I can put holes in a paper plate all day long at up to 25 yards (okay, an occasional flyer), so since I'm not into competition shooting, that will serve me just fine. Most things I worry about are bigger than paper plates.

    For you, maybe some one-on-one instruction might solve some grip or trigger issues throwing you off. And a lot more ammo!
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    Practice is the best teacher!
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    Practice and luck. Stange thing is some days I will do very well with one gun and lousy with another. Next day it could flip flop. With my aging eyes, how well I shoot with iron sights is related to how well I can focus my eyes. Sometimes I have to take a break for a few minutes.

    How often I shoot has more effect than how much I shoot. I get better results shooting 50 rounds per week than shooting 200 rounds per month.
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    I would say that probably the most significant factors would be 1. practice and 2. ammunition quality and consistency

    JMO in a nutshell.
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    Yup to all. Spend the $$$ on a school if you are really concerned about it. I wouldn't believe group sizes unless I saw the targets and the shooting. I've had too many people ask me "how far is that - 2/300 yds" on a 100 yd range and no better on shorter ranges mistaking 15 yds for 25. Competition guns in the hands of great shooters will do 1.5" at 25 yds. Remember the gun writers have never met a gun that would shoot worse than 1.5" at 25 yds on sandbags - that should tell you sumptin. If you are shooting honest 1.5" groups at a measured 7 yds/21 ft you are shooting better than 98% or more of the people out there - I wouldn't worry about it. Focus more on drawing quickly, double taps, movement, shooting with both eyes open, etc.

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    Yeck partner, I was never e a great shot, I wasn't in the service and I'm still not, I hit what I aim at and that will suffice. I can practice from now till the day I die and I still will be only good, but I'll still hit what I aim at.
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