Clueless Bank Security Guard.

Clueless Bank Security Guard.

This is a discussion on Clueless Bank Security Guard. within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Clueless Bank Security Guard. Thought I'd share an interesting experience I had today. About noon time in downtown West Hartford Connecticut I was walking to ...

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Thread: Clueless Bank Security Guard.

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    Clueless Bank Security Guard.

    Clueless Bank Security Guard.

    Thought I'd share an interesting experience I had today.

    About noon time in downtown West Hartford Connecticut I was walking to a Sub shop for lunch. Passing a Bank I see a security guard standing outside on the sidewalk.

    I greet him with "Hi, warm day to be out here." He smiled saying "Yea." I have this habit of checking out what LEO's and the like have holstered, so I notice a S&W 686 on his hip. Thinking to myself that's a cool sidearm, so I say "Hey nice revolver, most guys carry autos." He says "Yea". So I ask him ".357?" He says,"I don't know, but they tell me these are very reliable guns" I said,"Yes, top of the line."

    Taken back by his response, I realize he is here for show. I look at him standing in front of the Bank completely clueless about the weapon on his utility belt. Wondering to myself and even hoping that it wasn't loaded as I walked away.
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    I bet you if he tried to draw his sidearm his pants would fall down!
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    At least he was armed. Most of um are given a set of keys and a sandwich.
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    Hiding inside a bottle of Jim Beam Black in S. FL.
    Scary, isn't it?
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    Probably has a bullet in his shirt pocket for it.
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    lol Did you notice what company he was from?? I want to make sure I don't want to deal with them...
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    God knows who he'll shoot if the place gets robbed!
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    Well... that is unfortunate...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Supertac45 View Post
    Probably has a bullet in his shirt pocket for it.
    You beat me to it.
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    Can someone say, "negligence." Because, that is what the company he works for is--- negligent. If the fates decree that he must use that thing, the company who stuck him out there unprepared should be held responsible; and they will be.

    Poor fella. For what is probably near minimum wage he is risking his life and more.

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    Wow. Just wow. That's flabbergasting.
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    Reminds me of some of the armored guards I see changing out cash on the ATM machines in the mall. It's always only one guy and while I hate to judge a book by it's cover they usually look a little disheveled. For all I know he could be a top shot but they just don't instill that confidence in you.

    Conversely, one time I was at a bank and there were two armored guards there. One covering the entrance/lobby and the other in the back dropping/off picking up. These guys meant business. Uniforms tailored and pressed with body armor over them. The guy in the back had a full size Glock and the one watching the door had a 1911. When they went outside he would stand near the entrance facing the truck watching the area, popped off his retention strap and hand on the 1911 ready to draw. You just don't see that too often.

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    I wonder if it was loaded or not. Back in the 1970's and 80's some security companies would equip their officers with fake guns. They looked real but would not fire. The idea was that they would not be able to be sued for someone being shot by their officer. Bad situation in my opinion. I don't know of anyone that does this anymore. The company I worked for required their officers to carry 38 Special ammo even if the gun was a 357. The only exception was if you carried a semi-auto pistol. Being one of the company's firearms instructors, most of our people were decent in their knowledge and skill with guns. I did have a couple though that did give me reason to be concerned. These did pass the classroom and the range (barely). With the exception of maybe 4, our officers would have been able to tell you the caliber of the sidearm as well as the ammo load they carried.

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    Hearing that makes me feel as if i've been

    I can't believe They,( the bank) would have him even there.
    Sounds as if he's more a liability than an asset.

    I'm speechless
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    Most security work is worse than fast food. Armed or not. They are just there for show and little else.
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