Can I brag about my 7 year old daughter?

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Thread: Can I brag about my 7 year old daughter?

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    Can I brag about my 7 year old daughter?

    A while ago I bought my daughter a .22 Crickett. This is a sweet little accurate gun! When I first started working with my daughter on shooting, she was only 5 years old. We picked up a pink BB gun and would set up on the range where she would try to shoot from 15-20 feet at balloons.
    When I spotted the Crickett rifles I just couldn't resist. We picked one up for 100 dollars brand new.
    A great little single shot youth model rifle.
    I have been working with her and now she is shooting darn well at 50 yards.

    I found a system called SureSite that allows us to hang clay pigeons up and then she can have a reactionary target (the range does not allow metal targets). So now we share time shooting at the pigeons and at a paper target. We even have a "Target book" were we save her targets with the date and distance on them.

    I was hoping to get some pictures from today, but we forgot the camera so I am posting some pictures from a little while ago.

    Pictures are of both myself and my wife working her, the clay pigeons (one broken from a shot, and another with a hole drilled right through it) and then a target she shot at from 50 yards.

    Today's trip was a riot. She shot at 50 yards, and then got tired. As we drove out we saw some "boys" (early 20 somethings) shooting .22 rifle's at the 25 yard range, so she asked if she could shoot at little bit more at that range. Not being able to pass up an opportunity to show off my little prodigy (and a girl at that) I parked the car, and we set up one more time. The young men thought they were doing pretty good. When my girl put 1 in the x ring and 2 in the 10, in the first 3 shots, they sorta just stood there looking a little dumbfounded. The best these boys could do were groupings with the edges exceding the 8 ring (25 yard slow pistol targets). It wasn't long before started putting the blame on their "inaccurate rifle"

    As far as the accuracy of the cricket. I am amazed. I took 5 shots today with it from 50 yards, and X ringed 4 out to of the 5. One of the Federal .22's was a flyer (thats my excuse and I am sticking to it).
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    I started mine at 7 also now she is 10 and has a Neos 22 good for you both!!!!
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    No matter what, give the instructor some credit, behind every great shot, is the instructor who trained that individual.

    Congrats to both of you.

    You should have told them, don't blame the equipment, operator error is usually 90% of the problem.
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    Congrats on some of the best father/daughter time ever (mom cool, too).
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    Wow thats great! My daughter is only 3(almost 4) months old, but I'm already planning the pink .22lr for her!

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    Cool stuff man. My daughter is only 14 months old but she got a nice little pink .22lr cricket for christmas from her uncle. As soon as I deem her old enough (probably around 5-6) we'll go out shooting.

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    Way to go young lady!

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    My girl and I started shooting when she was 6. Now "8", she's not quite as interested.

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    I just got my 6 yr old son a Crickett (camo version). He'll catch up to your daughter!

    (Of course, he is asking Mom already if she knows any girls his age. He's worried that he needs to find a wife so he can move to a farm behind us and raise his 6 kids.)
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    My Daughter turns 8 in November and I was thinking about getting that same rifle.
    Does that rifle come with iron sights?

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    Yes it comes with adjustable iron sights. In order to mount a scope you need to order a special mounting base that will allow you to put the scope on.
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    Brag away. My daughter wants a pink .22 badly and maybe next year it will happen. She will be 12 this year but I'm still waiting for when I feel the time is right.

    Your daughter done did good.

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    Good for both you and your daughter. Shooting is a sport that you can both enjoy and spend quality time together. Enjoy, they grow up fast and start their own lives.
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    Man, I've got to get my kids out shooting more...

    good on ya dad
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    Great stuff! My daughter is 12 and shoots the pistols (9mm and 22lr) pretty well. I dont have any long guns in my inventory yet, but plan on changing that soon. She went to camp last week and they had archery. When she got back from camp she was telling me about the archery and said she likes shooting pistols more!

    Here's to more good times shooting with our children
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