What was your first??? And When???

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Thread: What was your first??? And When???

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    What was your first??? And When???

    What was the first handgun you every owned, and when did you get it?

    My first was an Astra .357, with a 6 inch barrel...I was stationed in Spain in 1973 and bought it at the Rod and Gun Club...

    It was a fine weapon...looked just like this...

    This one is a .44 mag, but they look alike...and yes, Dirty Harry influenced me when it came to buying that particular weapon...

    I brought it back to Idaho when I was went to Mountain Home AFB...and spent a lot of time in the desert shooting...

    While there, I was accepted at the University of Massachusetts...and since the gun laws were so tough, I simply sold it before I left Idaho...

    I'd love to find one today...
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    An S&W Chief Spl. circa 1953, bought in April '08. I now have a dozen handguns.

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    I don't have a picture of it, but my first one was a Star 30MI 9mm. I found after I bought it that the "I" was for Iraq. This particular model was the Star 30M, but it was made for an order placed by Iraq. This was before the first gulf war, and the shipment was halted and ended up on the open market and one in my hands. I sold it to a friend who subsequently had it stolen from his truck, so who knows what has happened to it.

    It was my very first handgun, sorta wish I still had it because it was my first - but in reality I don't miss it. I actually think of my Springfield 1911 "Loaded" model. I love that baby. I don't shoot her much anymore - but I will be damned if I get rid of her.
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    Beretta 96F with 3 magazines in 2002. Purchased from a coworker that had it less than a year for $400. Made it a point to buy a pistol as soon as I was old enough to legally own one.
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    1st long gun- At 18 I bought a new Remington 870 Wingmaster.....still own it.
    1st handgun- At 21 Ruger Blackhawk....still own it.
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    Mine was a Sig 226. Have had it for about two years. It was a pain to get a hold of. Will probably keep it for that reason alone. Plus that it was the first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveJay View Post
    What was your first??? And When???
    Well, it was summer of 1992. I was 13 and she was...and...oh wait..wrong forum...

    sorry I just couldn't help myself...The title was too enticing...

    edit:...ahem...back on topic...
    My first handgun was 2000ish I think. She was a real beauty. I managed to find an old Colt MarkIV Series 70 in pretty good shape in a pawn shop for next to nothing. I took her home and changed her springs and fluffed and buffed and made her shiney and happy again. I still have her and she eats anything I throw at her.
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    Full-size H&K USP .40 (Variant 1) which I bought in 1994, about 3 or 4 mos. before I joined the Navy. Bought it out of the box at Superior Pawn and Gun near Pembroke Mall in VA Beach. The dealer that sold it to me brand new, I still keep in touch with him and he is my gun mentor even to this day. As a matter of fact, I just saw him today over there. Anyway, my USP came w/ 1 13-rd. magazine then because of the Crime Bill. I had to wait until after I completed my service school to get 2 10 rd. mags. Now, I got about 8 13 rd. mags since the hi capacity ban expired in 2006. To this day, it is still my primary go-to gun for home defense as well as my CC gun for fall/winter climate.

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    Bob from Southern New Hampshire
    Mine was a Stoeger 22lR luger type pistol. Came with 2 10 rnd mags and holster for the outragous price of 49.95 at a store called Value House (which later years became service merchandise) I bought it on my 21st birthday in 1974
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    No pic, but you can visualize it...

    Beretta 92FS 9mm...I was influenced by Hollywood & Bruce Willis and Mel Gibson - the gotta-have gun in the late '80's.

    Bought mine in 1997 and sold it in 2006 for a XD9sc.

    It was an accurate, sweet handgun, but I figured out that smaller frames fit my hand better, hence my current Storm sc.
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    Glock 17 purchased from Walmart in 1992 in Santa Fe, NM.

    I had always wanted a handgun so I went and purchased one. I know longer have it because I needed a new pair of ice hockey skates so I sold it for 300 bucks. I do still have the CCM's I purchased with the money and I do regret selling the Glock 17 but these CCM's have been with me for a long time. I'm on my 3rd set of blades but I still love this pair of boots. I will need a 4th set of blades after next season.

    I do own a Gen 3 Glock 17 now so all is good.

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    Locked out on a balcony of the Dark Tower...
    Ortgies .32 acp, little German gun, was very neat!
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    ww2 p38 that i got in 1970 for around $50.00. one great gun, but nobody had 9mm ammo for sale in those day where i lived. it came with 25 rounds of some overseas 9mm ammo. traded it for a cb radio and got a s&w model 19.
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    Hi Point C9

    I bought my first, a Hi Point model "C9" in 1995. she was a beauty...kinda like a high school kid with a 30 year old Ford Pinto...your first and all that you care about is that it runs...Boy, I didn't know what I didn't know...it was a great shooter, but boy, the looks and ease of use...
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    S&W Airweight.
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