Corrosive Ammo

Corrosive Ammo

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Thread: Corrosive Ammo

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    Corrosive Ammo

    Hello all,

    I've never worked with corrosive ammo before, and I'm trying to get a better understanding of it. My first and only gun right now is my Mossberg 500. Normally when I clean it I have a hand towel that I dab in Hoppee's 9 solvent and clean out the chamber with, then I wipe the chamber clean with the dry corner of the towel. Afterwards I apply some lub, spread it around with my fingers, work the action make sure the lub gets everywhere.

    Anyway, I wanted to get a rifle, but didn't want to spend alot of money, I mainly wanted somethign to take to the range and beat the hell out of it, so I picked up a Mosin-Nagant after a bunch of people told me they how fun they were. Well I'm most likely going to be shooting the corrosive stuff since I don't wanna pay $22 box for a box the the premium winchester stuff and my question is, can I use the same towel, using the same method that I use for my shotgun on both guns, without risking corrosion to my shotgun?

    TL:DR - If I use a towel to wipe down and clean a gun that fired corrosive ammo, can I use that same towel right afterwards and clean another gun without risk of spreading the corrosive materials to the second gun?

    Thanks in advance.

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    make sure you clean the barrel out as well i usually used a brush followed up by running some hoppes soaked patches thru till tou dont get anymore black stuff and but i dont see why it wouldnt work though you may have a hard time getting a finger in the chamber though

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    Surely you can come up with another towel??? You also better check the proper procedure for cleaning where corrosive ammo is involved. It's my understanding that soap and water are involved, that solvent isn't effective enough.
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    That is what I picked up on. I keep a small hair spray bottle with windex in it. Both the water and the ammonia help neutralize the salts.

    Some ranges do not allow cleaning of weapons, so I just got in the habit of spraying the barrel, gas ports, bolt....pretty much gave it a bath in windex, then repeat with WD40 to remove the water, then do a through cleaning with the windex again, and follow up with gunzillia when I get home.

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    Sweet's 7.62 solvent works well for the corrosive ammo. That's what it was made for. As with any ammonia bases solvents (like the Sweet's), in a chrome lined sure to follow up with something that will neutralize the ammonia. CLP is good for this actually. I'm an advocate of using Gunzilla on everything, but have not tested it on corrosive remnants since I usually avoid using the corrosive ammo if at all possible.

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    If you can only afford one cleaning towel, you certainly can't afford to spend money on ammo, corrosive or not.

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    Solvent CAN work, but it is a chore. Windex works pretty well, but you will want to neutralize that as soon as possible. After going through with the brush, I run patches through it until it comes out clean.

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