I'm a paid member at a local public indoor range here in NH. They recently opened up a brand new bigger/better range a couple blocks away from their other location. Today was the first day I've been there since they moved over and all I can say is wow. The place is really nice.

For starters, when I pulled into the parking lot they actually had members only parking spots, so no more parking on the street and lugging your guns down the road on a busy weekend. They also had a members only section of the range, so again you get priority. They've always allowed you to call ahead and reserve a lane as a member, but now its even easier to get a lane. And not to sound like a snob, but its nice to know I won't be in on the same line as some of the questionable people who are pretty clueless but come in to rent a gun because they want to be a badass in front of their girlfriend.

The coolest part of the new range though is the programmable targets. The system is kind of complicated so I just shot at stationary targets this time, but hopefully next time I go in I will figure out how to work on reaction drills.