drop leg holster

drop leg holster

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Thread: drop leg holster

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    drop leg holster

    need some help. recently got in the mail a catolog from a company
    called cheaper than dirt, (firearm assy.) and am looking to aqiure
    a drop leg holster (for huntng and other times spent in the woods)
    and so on. anyway was wondering if any as purchused anything
    for this company and any pros/cons about the company.
    thanks in advance for any info.
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    I have purchased numerous items from them with no problems or complaints.

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    They often sell "bargain" brands that may not be top-tier quality, but my experiences with CTD (the company itself) has always been good. Do some research on whatever it is you're contemplating buying - if you're happy with the product, you'll probably be happy with CTD.
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    just don't fall for their gouging prices on ammo.... remember the box of CCI aluminum cased .380 acp for the low, low price of $69.95!

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    Generally I would advise against a drop leg holster, but failing that CTD is good to go, but on the Walmart scale of quality. Will it work, sure, but I wouldn't trust most of their products for any sort of heavy use.
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    They have some great prices on ammo - $109 for 500 rds. 7.62x39.

    Also bought ammo cans and a gun safe for the car from them. Good prices and quick shipping on the items I bought. Can't vouch for everything they sell though.

    Will order a K-bar in the next week or so.

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    They ship as soon as the order is filled, I've bought from them many times all went well. As said don't buy ammo from them.

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    I have had nothing but good experiences with them. As others have said, make sure you know what you are buying before you buy it. You dont ALWAYS get what you pay for sometimes you get something better, sometimes something worse.....
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    I have purchased factory magazines from them twice in the past. Their prices are the best as far as that went. Shipping and all was fine.

    I recommend them.

    As for holsters, ammo, etc. I don't know.
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    I've got several friends who have recommended them, both for their low prices and reasonable shipping rates. I've perused their site several times and wish I had the extra funds to get a few things.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowsbane View Post
    Generally I would advise against a drop leg holster
    I realize this is a bit off-topic, but I'm curious to know why...? I've worn one while Deployed, as well as here Stateside and prefer it over a belt holster w/flap. Particularly when driving most any vee-hickle. It's more effective for wearing/removing outer garments, comfortable for sitting and more ergonomical for drawing you weapon, in my experiences.
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