A Bonus At Wally World

A Bonus At Wally World

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Thread: A Bonus At Wally World

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    A Bonus At Wally World

    Wow I was dong my shopping at Wal - Mart today

    And found a box of .380 of course I bought it this is 1 st time

    I have seen any at all at Wally World

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    Want me to make you sick? I saw a full row of .380 WWB at a local Wally World yesterday (stacked five high in a single row all the way to the back of the case), and then when I went over to visit with Arko and his missus last night, I stopped at the Wally World in his part of the world and found another cache of .380.

    $23.97 a box though. I really didn't look to see if it was JHP or FMJ, or whether it was 50 or 100 round boxes. I was really just amazed to see it on a walmart shelf after the last couple of years of NEVER seeing any there.
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    Wow. I've never seen .380 at my local Walmarts. Pretty sure they carry it, it's just that it's always sold out...
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    Today at Wally World I got the 40 S&W hollow points for 22.97 per 50 count box. Full metal jacket is much cheaper.
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    True, dat! Picked two 100rnd .40 S&W WWB's for $27.97 a box.
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    Ours has 100 round ,40 Rem. JHP's $32.97.
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    Well, I went wally world in Jacksonville.Al. and I too found the 40's stacked high in the case but only one box of 380. So those who are reading this in my area now you know the supply before you make the drive. Ohh, yeah the 9mm in the orange/ the white are plentiful.

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    Wally World 380

    Was slumming in the Sedalia, MO Walmart two weekends ago getting some potatoes and hair spray for my spud gun and ran into a pile of WWB 100 ct 380's. Took five and left a few for the next guy. Seems like they were around $34 a box.

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    With all of this wally world talk and prices, it would probably make you sick to hear I can get it all day long for $18.99 a box
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