New Convert!

New Convert!

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Thread: New Convert!

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    New Convert!

    One that takes a certain amount of stress out of my life.

    My wife!

    We went for a nice long hike in the middle of God's country this weekend and I, as usual, carried. I took my XD45 and a spare mag, not figuring to need it, but you never know. After about two hours of walking, we were well away from anyone but each other and after entering a large clearing, I drew my pistol and fired off a couple rounds. (yes, I double checked to make sure we were the only ones up there) I asked my wife if she wanted to try, more like begged, and she did. She enjoyed it! She wants to visit a range and get more experience and commented that it wasn't as bad as she thought. When we got back to the house, she wanted to see my .380 (Bersa) and she really liked the smaller size of that one.

    It looks as though I have a new shooting partner for the range. When and if it ever opens.
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    My wife enjoys shooting, I thank it is something about the control of power.

    Once a person understands that they can be as powerful as the biggest meanest BG out there with a tool that can be carried legally concealed on ones person it is a empowering life changing event.

    Hope your wife comes to the point to where she carries all time, and you two come to the place that my wife and I are working together watching each others back.
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    Isn't it amazing the number of people who hate guns, who then finally shoot one, and end up actually enjoying them. Simply amazing.

    Congratulation and good luck with your new range partner.
    *WARNING - I may or may not know what I am talking about.

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    Sounds like you pulled off a rare encounter between shooting husband and non-shooting wife...congrats! The fun and SD/HD scenario "redo" starts here. Well done!
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    congrats. it sure is an awesome feeling to convert someone, isn't it? considering she shot a 45, i'm slightly surprised she was that into it. nothing against a 45 or anything, but, most women get turned off by the larger calibers at first. congrats nontheless.

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    Very nice. Congrats and get ready to invest in a gun that she wants now.
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    That was very good; congrats. You better start to work over time asap; you really will need the extra money
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    Congrat.. That is great. Sometimes we are afraid of things we are not familiar with. I know I was, but once I shot a gun for the first time I loved it.

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