*Video* A-10 Gatling Gun test

*Video* A-10 Gatling Gun Test

This is a discussion on *Video* A-10 Gatling Gun Test within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I used to live probably 12 or so miles as the crow flies from Lake City Ammunition Plant. On a clear day and with the ...

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Thread: *Video* A-10 Gatling Gun test

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    *Video* A-10 Gatling Gun test

    I used to live probably 12 or so miles as the crow flies from Lake City Ammunition Plant. On a clear day and with the right atmospheric weather conditions you could hear the buzz from them performing these ammunition tests. The gun set up in the video may or may not be from Lake City, but I can tell you the Buzz when that thing rips off a string is impressive to be heard 12 or more miles away.

    My jaw dropped when I first asked one of the firefighters what that buzz was I kept hearing and they said it was a Gatling Gun from Lake City Ammo Plant. I said, you're kidding me and then several of them said, "Oh, no... That's a 30 mm Gatling Gun from an A-10 Warthog. They make the ammo for them there!"

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    You should hear it while it passes over your head. Like these guys did You hear the rounds hit BEFORE
    the sound from the GAU-8 gun.
    Another is the M134 gun Amaazing piece of equipment, as a friend of mine has one in his collection
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    I vividly remember that sound from many field exercises in Graffenwohr in the late 1980's and early 1990's. Very impressive and distinctive sound.
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    I was watching the A10's at Smoky Hill ANG bomb range during visitors day,My base had F4's back in the 70,s but switched to A10's after I derosed,I would tell people watch the planes nose for smoke,then look at the targets and watch the impact,then a second later it sounded like an elephant fart
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    When I worked on A-10s in Ak, I asked a pilot how many rounds on target did they have to get to "qualify." The number was something like 30 out of 100, but then he said most guys can put @90 on target. The "target" was a parachute hung between two poles. The "hits" are recorded by microphones on either side that pick up the sound of the rounds passing between them.

    Seeing the HEI (high explosive incendinary) rounds impacting on the range is impressive. I would definitely bug out if one of them popped up over the hills at me.
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