My Fathers 30-30

My Fathers 30-30

This is a discussion on My Fathers 30-30 within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; My father passed away unexpectedly in September. Ever since I was a kid he had a 30-30 in his closet. When my mom and I ...

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Thread: My Fathers 30-30

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    My Fathers 30-30

    My father passed away unexpectedly in September. Ever since I was a kid he had a 30-30 in his closet. When my mom and I were cleaning his things I noticed it was gone and she said she didn't know what happened to it. I was bummed as I wanted it for sentimental reasons.

    My brother in law came over tonight to help run some wiring for my car lift in my shop and we got to discussing my range time last night. He said " you know I have your dad's 30-30". I said "no, I didn't know that". He said my dad had given it to him many years ago as a birthday present before I was really into guns heavily.

    He told me he would give it to me if I wanted it. I didn't want to be rude as it was a gift to him but it would mean a lot to me to have it. I explained that to him and he said that I should have it. So he is bringing it over Saturday for me.

    I may not even shoot it but I wanted it because my dad has had it since before I was even born.
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    A nice old 30/30 is a treasure in itself and even more so if it has sentimental value.
    You'll have a nice family heirloom coming to you.

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    It is nice to have something thats been in the family a long time ... Very nice of him to give it to ya ..

    What ya gonna give him in return|?

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    My condolences on the loss of your father.Bud White has a good point:you're blessed to have such a brother.

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    my condolences on your loss but..........................
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    Sorry to hear about your dad. My response to your brother in law would have been as follows. I'll get it on the way out. Nuff said...
    Listen, Think and React.....Nuff Said.....

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    I'm sorry for your loss - and happy that you'll end up with that 30-30. My grandpa had an old Mauser that I really wanted. It was stock, beat up, not worth a thing, but it was what he always hunted with. After he died, my cousin took his guns to a pawn shop.
    Good that you've found your dad's gun. Those kinds of things do mean a lot.

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    Your BIL sounds like a considerate guy - and it will be good for you to have that gun. Most pleasing.

    I know it may sound sentimental but for me anyways as a gunny - I regard old firearms with family connections as being somehow imbued with ''something'' from the departed previous owner.

    Ok it's in the imagination but - works for me!
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    Treasures of a sentimental nature are the best kind. I have a knife that I gave to my father about fourty years ago and would not trade it for the world. If you feel like it shoot that old 30-30. It will bring you pleasure.

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    Sorry for you loss.

    When my Grandfather passed he had an Ithica Mod 37 20 gauge. In fact this was the first gun that I ever shot, so it had a bunch of sentimental value to me. Somehow it disappeared and no one in my family got it. I suspect that my Grandfather's second wife's kids got it. I was lucky that I was able to get a very old .32 Smith and Wesson Revolver that my great grandfather carried when he was sheriff back in the 1920's and served as my Grandfather's "carry gun" (Long before CCL!!). My older brother really lucked out and got my Grandfather's "Sweet 16" Browning and a very old Smith and Wesson revolver that broke open to load and didn't have a trigger guard. I have no idea what model it was but I think it was in .38.

    You have a cool brother in law. The fact that he would give the rifle over to you is really kind. Family members can sometimes be really selfish.

    I wouldn't consider him a brother in law anymore......I would consider him to be a brother!
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    Sorry for your loss!

    My father passed in 2002 and I have his guns. Some he gave me many years ago, others after he passed. Shoot the 30-30, your father would want you to enjoy it. Take special care of it as well. As for your brother-in-law, find out what he would want and on his next birthday see to it that he gets it (within reason of course). He may simply want a 30-30 just like this one. If so get him one. If his birthday is after Christmas make it a Christmas gift. I agree with Doc, sounds more like a brother than a brother-in-law.

    Again, my condolences.

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    My mom passed last Dec 1, so I can relate. Pain will ease with time.
    Good to know that your BIL is stand up guy....
    God bless and keep you.
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    " water, my friend."

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    Everyone should have a .30-30 levergun.
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    Your brother-in-law sounds like a good man. Glad you could get the gun back.
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    Sorry about your Dad. Time helps quiet the thoughts....

    Your BIL sounds like a GREAT guy!
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