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44 Magnum: Your experience?

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Thread: 44 Magnum: Your experience?

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    Former Redhawk owner. Unless you want to use it for hunting or bear protection, I would call it a cool gun, but not really a fun gun. The hogue grips are nice on it. Put a scope on it.

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    In a Ruger SA it was OK. In a Ruger RedHawk with wood grips I couldn't wait til it was over (the 6). It's like getting hit by Babe Ruth 6 times with a lead bat on each hand. With all that, I find shooting my Python on .357 to have more power, not recoil which I find is not a problem. But the feel of the .357, it's speed likely, the pressure wave even behind the gun, just feels more damaging. I know it's not necessarily, but that's the feel to me. The 44 definitely has more recoil.

    So, I think the 44 with nice shock-absorbing grips is fun for a limited number of rounds. Try out what you have on there now.

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    Variables make a big difference.

    I have a S&W Mod 29 with wood grips, I wouldn't want my wife to shoot it. It's not that bad but I suggested she not shoot it. I also had a S&W 460, it had rubber grips, and very heavy, not so bad to shoot it, In fact I encouraged my wife shoot it! (picture attached) The heavy gun plus the rubber grips made a noticeable difference.

    To me a .44 special in the Mod 29 is next to nothing. That .44 mag or .460 really booms and reverberates.

    BTW when my son and I would go out shooting we'd usually end the day by challenging each other with the Mod 29 in a game we called "nerves of steel". Bullseye 100 feet away, standing postion, one-handed, double action only, one shot only. Winner was the closest to the X. Great fun and great disciplining exercise.
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    I bought a S&W 5 inch 629 like the one the poster is looking at, about 12 years ago. Later I added a Ruger Vaquero in .44 magnum, and I shoot one or the other several times a year. I found a good source of CCI Blazer .44 magnum ammo for about $20 a box, so it costs about the same as .45 ACP to shoot. I don't have any practical application for the guns, but they are fun to shoot, making a lot of noise and very tight groups on a target. The S&W has the best trigger feel of any revolver I have ever shot.

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    My Dad has a S&W Model 29 .44mag 6inch barrel (Dirty Harry's gun) It very accurate and not horrible to shoot. The only thing is I refuse to shoot it indoor's.... the shock wave and BOOM is annoying. Only out door shooting for me.
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    They are great fun to shoot. I've had a few over the years and of course I wished I had kept. Ruger Vacquaro. 8" 629, 3" 629 (custom carry--couldn't hit a barn door at 100 yds. with it !), and now the odd Ruger which i have for sale in these forums' classified section. (sweet shooter)
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    I picked this up. Ruger .44 Mag Super Blackhawk.
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    theres a huge shockwave and noise, mine is my favorite gun, inside people can feel the shock from three to 5 lanes over
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    As the former owner of a 7.5 in barrel Ruger Redhawk, I loved the 44 Mag!! I actually used to shoot that more then I would my Taurus 605 .357 mag snubby. When I owned my 44 you could get American Eagle loads for less the $20 a box. That handgun was my favorite plinker when I was stationed in Alaska, especially when I had the scope mounted on it. I really regret selling that gun and often wish that I still had it. Someday I will have another .44 Mag. Best of lick if you decide to buy it, the big boomers are a lot of fun.
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    Go for it. You'll have lots of fun with it. You'll get used to the way it pounds. It's like getting training wheels for the 500.
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    I have 3 mod 29 Smiths in 44 Mag....6.5", 6" & 8 3/8" barrels.....great for hunting, I've killed tons of deer and hogs with them. They are a handful with full loads but pleasant to shoot with 44 Specials. I wouldn't think of parting with them.... I think any handgunner should have at least ONE!!
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    Back in the 80s I bought the Desert Eagle 44 mag with the 14 in. barrel; with that kind of weight, recoil-no problem. then all wise me decided to buy an American Derringer 44 mag. Now I have the worlds largest and the worlds smallest 44 mag guns. Well, talk about a flame thrower; at the indoor range it looked like I let the sun in. How to describe the recoil..... it's like holding a 44 mag bullett in one hand and a hammer with pointy tip in the other.... I sewed a thick piece of holster leather in the palm of a leather glove, with this set up I could shoot about 6 rounds with the derringer, then go home.

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    My 629 isn't bad at all to shoot, even with what I consider to be medium 240 grain loads from Speer. Comparing it to a snubby .357 is fair.
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    I used to own a model 629 SST with an aim point site. Had to trade it off for septic drain field work years ago. Loved the gun. It not only did the kill job on the red squirrels but left nothing to clean up. Heck of a shooter if you can stand the kick. and it did kick. Have no good reason to replace it but if one fell back into my hands I'd never let it go. Just to darn fun to shoot.
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    Over the years I've owned four. A model 29 two 629's and a Desert Eagle. My first 629 is the only one I still have. Gotta say they were a lot more fun when I was a lot younger. Personally I now prefer to shoot the 45 ACP's and an occasional 357 mag much more, the 44 mag seems to hurt a lot more than I remember.
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