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44 Magnum: Your experience?

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Thread: 44 Magnum: Your experience?

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    I Have a Grizzly 1911 style 44 Magnum,I handload for it and shoot 240 grain LSWC out of a 5" barrel,when I shoot hotter loads in it it will definitely get some muzzle flip,but it's a hoot to shoot and at around $7.00 100 rounds It's cheaper to shoot than 9mm
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    I qualified for my CCW with a Dirty Harry Special (S&W Model 29 8" barrel). The instructor was worried about mt breaking his backstop. I put 6 rounds into an area the size of a peach at 7 yds. It is a BIG boom, but as heavy as it is & with a longer barrel it is a pussycat.
    Granted, my 13 oz 357 magnum is a little ball of hurt and I carry that daily....
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    I bought a 5.5" Super Redhawk .44 Mag. back in early 80's to take with on a camping trip to Yellowstone after a cousin had a grizzly bear encounter. I shot half a box of shells thru it to see how it shot. Even during the day it seemed to be fully surrounded by flames each time I pulled the trigger and one handed was manageable but two hands were better. It's been a safe queen ever since. I still have the other half of the box of bullets. I've thought about selling it many times, but it's stainless with rosewood grips and just too pretty to get rid of.

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    I sold a Model 29 15 years ago in a moment of madness. The reasoning behind that loonecy was that I'm no longer a hunter and the gun isn't much of a self defense tool. When sanity returned I regretted the decision. It wasn't unpleasant to shoot magnum loads as I recall. I practiced a lot using 44Spl rounds.

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    Please pass the padded shooting gloves!

    Yah, I seem to have lost my shooting gloves and I have discovered that Uncle Mike's and PAST no longer produce their shooting gloves. So I'm going to order a pair of GripSwell pistol gloves.

    It's taken me four trips to the range and about 200 rounds to finally get my .357 LCR under control. I finally found the sweet spot for the grip and trigger pull combo that works accurately and with some degree of speed. I certainly wouldn't want to shoot .357s out of this little gun for recreation. The short grip wreaks havoc on my medial nerve. I'd rate high power loads quite snappy and stingy.

    How about some .44 Mag out of a Super Blackhawk? I've put some 300 gr Buffalo Bore through this thing and WOW! You really know you have a handful.

    More reasonable 180 to 200 gr loads are quite manageable and I'd rate the recoil as less snappy and more pushy than the power loads out of a tiny gun. Plus the full sized grip is much more comfortable.

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    kpw: LOVE that Snoopy! I had a Ford Focus and had a local guy paint Snoopy on top of his doghouse with a golf bag leaning over and a flag with 19 on it sticking in the ground. I got more thumbs up from other people in cars going by--- it was great! Good shooting to you!
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    It just depends on the gun. This is my Hy Hunter .44 Mag, it was made by Sauer & Sons (now Sig Sauer) in the late 60s. It handles 300gr .44 Magnums like a breeze.
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    my experience is that it is the most powerful handgun in the world, and would blow your head clean off. as such, any potential assailant must ask themselves, "do they feel lucky?".

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    Quote Originally Posted by carguy2244 View Post
    Blue. stainless, bright nickel...what was it?
    The OP said it was:
    Smith and Wesson 44 Magnum Stainless with 5" barrel

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    ALL I own are wheel guns. I had a .44 S&W 629 that was brutal to shoot. When it is no longer fun get rid of it.

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    The 5-inch barrel might be a nice length to handle. I've had an 8 3/8-inch Model 29 for many years. Also owed a 4-inch Model 29 for some years. The 4-inch was much more brutal than the long barreled revolver. The 6-inch and 6 1/2-inch Smith & Wesson 44 Magnums are nicely balanced in size and are manageable in their recoil characteristics. The 5-inch might be just enough extra to tone down the recoil.
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    I currently reload 180 gr Special, and 200 and 240 gr XTP's for hunting. But it is a Marlin 1894... I want a 4.5" Blackhawk to go with the rifle.... I do however own a S&W mod 57 41 mag revolver. I load 210 gr hp's to 1400 fps and its very accurate and hits hard. Still though, I gotta get that Ruger! Good Luck if you get it! They are a blast, to shoot and reload for
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