What exactly does Battery of Arms mean???

What exactly does Battery of Arms mean???

This is a discussion on What exactly does Battery of Arms mean??? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I have seen this now a few times, I googled it and did not find anything. Is it simply the action or is there more ...

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Thread: What exactly does Battery of Arms mean???

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    What exactly does Battery of Arms mean???

    I have seen this now a few times, I googled it and did not find anything. Is it simply the action or is there more to it?

    Where does this term come from?

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    Sure you aren't thinking of Manual of Arms?

    I have not heard of Battery of Arms, I don't think.

    The term battery means to go into a position of ready to fire. When you load a magazine and allow the slide of a handgun to go forward in to locked position it is considered to be "in battery".
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    I think it would be similar to a Gun Battery.

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    " battery" is a military term that goes all the way back.

    It means a collection of arms. It could be a battery of small arms, or it could be a battery of cannon or artillery.

    We have a National Guard Facility here in town that is know as a "battery". It has all kinds of stuff in it from handguns, to should fired arms to machine guns.
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    Indeed, they probably meant "manual of arms."

    A Battery, in strict military terminology, is a unit of Artillery equivalent to a Company in other branches.
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    there are a few ways that the word battery can be used in reference to firearms that I can think of
    1) going into battery- slide going forward
    2) the military definition- a group of artillery used together
    3) 'group'- "a battery of firearms" is like saying an arsenal of firearms- a group of some size. you can just as easily have a battery of bolts if you want. I assume this is the one which you are refering to
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    back to manual of arms...

    originally it pertained to the manual of arms as an instruction guide for handling firearms in formation (like a parade formation)...

    it has grown to mean...

    the specific operating procedures of a particular weapon...safety...trigger...action...etc...

    all glock firearms have identical manual of arms...they operate in the same fashion and picking one up would feel (other than size differences) no different than any other model to operate...one might say "i won all glock handguns so no matter which i carry the manual of arms is similar and there wont be any confusion regarding operation....

    similarly 1911 handguns operate similarly and one brand would compare to another in operation...

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    Quote Originally Posted by cammo girl View Post
    I have seen this now a few times, I googled it and did not find anything. Is it simply the action or is there more to it?

    Where does this term come from?
    Could you possibly be asking about the term Return to Battery or Failure to Return to Battery?

    Return to battery is the complete cycling of a semi-auto pistol. Failure to return to battery (same as cycle) is where the slide moves too slowly to move a cartridge into the chamber.
    Failure to return to battery is often caused by limp-wisting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldVet View Post
    I thought it was that thing in my car that keeps going dead.
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    An economical battery of guns for the backwoods home

    By Massad Ayoob

    Building a battery

    A "battery" of firearms is a selection of guns that will cover multiple needs. The collector has "a collection," but the person who uses guns as tools has a working "battery," like a carpenter having multiple saws for different cutting purposes, and different screwdrivers for dealing with different sizes of screws.

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