sig 232???

sig 232???

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Thread: sig 232???

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    sig 232???

    i was just at the local gun shop and was holding a sig p232 with houge grips all blued finish, i was surprised as to how light it was. it felt great in my hands and had a good price 450 i think it was or around that, used of corse. i was wandering what other people might have to say about them if the have shot or owned one i would like to hear from u. my only real issue is that it is .380 cal. but the guy behind the counter was saying that u can get some really good +p ammo is that true or is that just the store clerk trying to make a sale?

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    1. It's hard to go wrong with a Sig. After a quick google search, that price looks decent.
    2. There is nothing wrong with .380 as long as you remember what it's for. It's a close range round for when you can't carry/aren't carrying something bigger.
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    Those are a darn nice SD gun. Typical Sig Quality. You wont go wrong.
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    It's a good .380 but I think it's pretty large for what you get. There's 9mm's the same size that I would go with before I went with a .380.
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    Ditto most of the above. I have the P230 (older version, but basically identical) and think it is amazingly accurate and reliable, especially for it's size. That said, there are 9mm pistols that are the same size (or even smaller!) that pack a little more punch. If the P232 feels good to you, and you understand the limitations of the platform/caliber, I think it's a good choice. And yes, there are some "+P" .380ACP loadings out there (see Buffalo Bore, for one) that improve the ballistics a decent amount. Still not up to 9mm performance, but closer.
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    I had the 232 years ago and it was am awesome pistol, Easily as good as the Walther PPK and in the same caliber. I don't recall what I sold or traded it for, but once again I screwed up by getting rid of a perfectly good carry pistol. The dude was right about the +p ammo. I carry the Buffalo Bore 100gr +p hard cast stuff in my Sig P238 and my PPK and the ballistics outa the PPK blows away the numbers for my .38 snub. These numbers are from the BB site if I remember um correctly. FPE 298, FPS 1160 out of the PPK and 250 FPE and 1060 FPS outa the P3AT. That's a darn good round IMO. The JHP +ps are awesome to. Good luck with it, and I'd say it's a good deal and like someone else said, nothing wrong with the .380 loaded correctly.

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