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5 Semi-auto's, only 1 never ever jammed.

This is a discussion on 5 Semi-auto's, only 1 never ever jammed. within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I've owned at least 2 dozen semi-auto's over the last 30+ years and ALL of them have had at least a couple of jams/FTE/FTF except ...

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Thread: 5 Semi-auto's, only 1 never ever jammed.

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    I've owned at least 2 dozen semi-auto's over the last 30+ years and ALL of them have had at least a couple of jams/FTE/FTF except for three. There is a fourth, my Taurus PT-945, that's been 100% reliable, but it's only had about 75 rounds at most shot through it (usually 20 or so at a time) in the year since I purchased it, so I don't feel comfortable saying too much about it's reliability just yet. Anyway, some guns have had a 1,000 or more rounds shot from them between FTF/FTE while others can't seem to fire off 50 shots without something happening. Still, when it comes to 100% reliability...

    Ruger P-85 - got it NIB in the late 80's. After umpteen thousands of rounds, it's NEVER failed to work... period. I still have it and it's my bedroom gun.

    Bersa Ultra Compact 9 - bought it NIB about 2 1/2 years ago. Fired about 1,500 rounds up to now with it and by far, it's the most comfortable and user friendly semi-auto I own. Come to think of it, it's about the user friendliest gun of ALL the three dozen or so handguns I currently have. It's what I used the last time I had to qualify at the range for my CC license.

    SKYY CPX-1 - got it this past January. It's still new and only has about 250 rounds shot through it, but there have been no problems with the gun so far. Every time I've pulled the trigger it's gone BANG, and it's never had a FTE or a mechanical problem, so I can't complain.
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    My 226 has never failed to function. I practice FTF/FTE drills, using dummy rounds, but I've never had to perform one outside of practice.
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    The only semi-auto handgun I have ever had that never jammed was a Ruger P89 in 9mm. Everything else has had at least some break in time or ammo sensitivity.

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    My Beretta Px4 (9mm) and the Sig P239 (.40) I had before never once jammed.

    My Bersa .380 had a FTE like once and had a problem with the slide closing when you put a magazine into it. Had it fixed by a gunsmith and no problems since.

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    My Browning Hi-Power purchased in 1968 has never, ever failed me. My XD 9mm sub has not jammed either but only a few hundred rounds so far.

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    My Taurus PT-101 has had 4 stops in 20k+ rounds. Three were mag problems (burr in the feed lips) and one limp wrist.

    My 1911 had a few, but that was easily remedied with a new magazine.

    My AMT has only had 50 rounds put through it by me. Thus far no stoppages. I even tried to slow the slide by resting my thumb on the slide with no "luck".

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    Never had my G 19 fail, saw a girl limpwrist it once to failure. Had my H&K USP 40 fail numerous times, figured out it was a hi-cap magazine, supposedly H&K issue (with logo), but the feed lips expanded when it was fully loaded, making it a BANG click (fix) BANG click (fix).
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    My Beretta model 92 FS has never had a malfunction. I have put over 3000 rounds through it. I have a glock 27 with 500 rounds run through it never any problems either. Last but not least I have a Smith & wesson model 99 which I have had TOO MANY malfunctions with. I have tried all kinds of ammo.I also had the gun looked at by a gunsmith several times. I like the way the gun shoots when it works correctly but I am disappointed at the reliability of it.

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    MY 92FS has been pumping along since 1994. Mayby 6K rounds of all types of ammo. Never a FTF/FTE. She is my primary carry gun. I hope to get the same performance from a new Bersa Thunder Concealed Carry in .380 which I have purchased but not yet received.

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    I have 44 handguns so the list of reliables is too long. My carry 229 has never jammed and I shoot the hell out of it. The only ones that were not reliable with anything but Ball ammo are a Llama 1911 clone that will feed ball with no problem but will jam on Silvertips.
    You don't have to spend big bucks for a reliable semi, the Taurus PT92 is 300 bucks and mine feeds every thing but snow. Stephan Camp has a great review of the Taurus on his site.

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    i think sooner or later, all semi auto's will hiccup. Just the nature of machines.
    Kimber Ultra II- 2K+ through it, and no problems
    P3AT- many at first, none recently, I do not shot much at range maybe 2 mags to refresh ammo. not intented as a range gun.
    Kimber BPten--eats anything.
    colt series 70 1911...not a problem if use ball ammo.
    colt series 80 commander- great if not dirty
    Taurus pt140--few FTE's each range session.
    Rugers one p89 9mm and one P97dc.... great range guns. always go bang and eat anything...just too big and heavy to carry. Have had the p89 not feed or eject with cheap ammo, or when dirty from cheap ammo.

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