5 Semi-auto's, only 1 never ever jammed.

5 Semi-auto's, only 1 never ever jammed.

This is a discussion on 5 Semi-auto's, only 1 never ever jammed. within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I have, or, have had, 5 semi-auto pistols, but, I only have one that never, ever jammed, Beretta 92FS 9mm that I bought for plinking. ...

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Thread: 5 Semi-auto's, only 1 never ever jammed.

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    5 Semi-auto's, only 1 never ever jammed.

    I have, or, have had, 5 semi-auto pistols, but, I only have one that never, ever jammed, Beretta 92FS 9mm that I bought for plinking.

    Sigma .40, jammed, but not often, I just can't hit anything with a .40, however, I shoot a S&W revolver model 360, .357 mag. 12 OZ. 3 1/8" barell more accuratly than the Sigma .40 and the Sig 239 .40 "Go Figure".

    Sig. 239, .40, Jammed more than any gun I ever owned, purchased new, got rid of it after 1 year. I couldn't hit the target with it, however, I had a instructor shoot it accuratly, so, I guess I just don't do well with a .40

    Ruger MK III .22, Great gun, Jams now and then, however, I have shot a couple hundred rounds through it now and then with no misfires.

    Sig. P220 .45, The most accurate semi-auto I own, however, it seems to jam one time, every time I shoot at the range. Usually the second round doesn't chamber (could be limp wristing due to th SA ), I will be looking to nail down the cause.

    The Beretta 92FS 9 mm, I purchased this gun for plinking at the range only, not SD, however, it turned out the be the only semi-auto that I own, that never ever jammed, EVER,. Fun to shoot, but, not nearly as accurate as the Sig. P220 /45

    How do your semi-auto's stack up?

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    I've never had an autochucker that NEVER had a failure, but I'm convinced that I know why most of the failures I've had occured (mostly ammo related)
    • Steyr M40. Has had several thousand rounds through it (varying quality) and has only had 3-4 jams (with Wolf or Cabella's el cheepo reloads).
    • Steyr S40. Had a couple of failures to eject at the begining (first 100 rounds or so) but no problems since. This is my secondary CCW pistol.
    • Bulgarian Makarov. Several hundred rounds, almost zero problems. Only had problems with a few rounds of Wolf ammo that didn't want to extract.
    • RAP 401. When my brother owned it it ran flawlessly, since I got it it won't get through a magazine without doublefeeding. I suspect the problem is either 1) bad magazine (I only have 1) or 2) it doesn't like Winchester White Box 9mm (which is the only ammo I've shot since I bought it so that could be the problem)
    • KelTec P3AT. The wife's pocket pistol. Perfectly reliable until you put about 50 rounds through it, then it jams constantly until cleaned (at which time it becomes perfectly reliable).
    • Kahr MK40 Elite98. 100% reliable with quality JHPs, jammed often on FMJ/FP
    • Kahr MK9 Elite98. I lied, I do have one gun that has been 100% reliable and its my MK9, which is my primary CCW piece.

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    Take a while to run thru all but - out of three SIG,s my carry 226 did give cause for concern last year - all down I discovered to grease lube on rails - thickening and causing drag - now Militec1 and no more probs. 228 and 220 perform immaculately.

    My P12-45 was a bad runner - until I realized late in the day - how chipped the extractor was!!! A Bullet Proof replacement dealt with that, and later on Sanantone rr bought it.

    Makarov seems to eat all it is given.
    Sistema also seems unfussy.
    CZ-52 has never hiccupped as yet.
    Rugers P95 and P97 eat anything -probably even manage horse manure .
    Bersa Thunder .380 - 99.9% reliable. Only prob was right early on pre a short break in.

    R9 - picky on ammo and so in early days and pre break in - some odd failures.
    SW99 compact - dead bang reliable.
    FEG 9mm - reliable.
    BHP Practical - totally reliable.

    Not sure if I have forgotten any!
    Chris - P95
    NRA Certified Instructor & NRA Life Member.

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    is like owning a piano and assuming that you are a musician!."

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    My USP has only had a few stovepipes in over 10,000 rnds. All the ammo was cheap blaser or similar. The SA Champ. is more fickle with its ammo. Ball works fine , but some HP's tend to hang up occasionally.
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    All my semi-auto's work just hunky-dory. I figure they will all need a good break-in period of about 500 rounds before I trust my life to it.

    If a gun out of the box is that smooth and has no issues....I either paid too much for it or someone put it together intentially just to be good hearted... regardless.... it gets the 500 round test.

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    3 springfield loaded 1911 no problems

    1 Colt 1911 never been shot

    1 Ria 1911 38 super no problems

    ruger p90 no jam

    Hk usp 45 1 jam sure it was ammo and 1 squib

    Sig 229 40 cal no jams just cant hit anything with it hopefully gone soon

    Ruger Mark II some jams but nothing odd for a 22 auto

    Glock 17 22 20 no jams

    22 advantage arms Kit on glock 17 and 22 no problems

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    My semi-auto handguns that haven't jammed (yet):

    Beretta 92D Centurion
    Beretta 92F Compact
    Beretta 96F Centurion
    Beretta 8000F Cougar Type L
    Beretta 8045D Mini Cougar
    Dan Wesson PTE-EXP 1911 10mm
    HK P7 (PSP)
    HK P9S Combat 9mm
    Kahr P9 Covert
    S&W 1006
    S&W 1066
    SIGARMS SP2340 sig pro .357 SIG
    Star PD
    Steyr S9
    Steyr S40
    Walther P99c AS 9mm
    Walther P99 AS Military 9mm

    My duty SIGARMS Sig 229 .40 S&W hasn't failed (yet) either.

    The guns that have malfunctioned (at least once) and surprised me when they did include my HK USP .45 ACP full-size and Walther P99 QA Titanium .40 S&W.
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    My Colt XSE failed to go into battery once every mag for 1st 3 mags....
    found a little sliver of steel on the rt side rail....
    pulled it off, hit it with a file and good to go ever since....
    Glocks-never a prob...
    Sigs-never a prob
    Walther p22 never a single jam of any kind-and I just use gunscrubber and militec 1 -- maybe the occasional toothbrush....
    1917 colt 1911 -- been reworked and reblued, doesnt jam, but puts the casings right into you forehead if not wearing a baseball cap....
    "Ray Nagin is a colossal disappointment" - NRA/ILA Executive Director Chris W. Cox.

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    Wish I was srfl...

    Two Beretta Bobcats 22LR: FTL/FTE initially: Fussy, but good now
    Two Skyy's CPX-1's: FTL/FTE initially: Picky w/ammo, but hopefully good now. Love to be CLEAN!
    Glocks (17 and 26): No failures to-date. Ever.
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    GLOCK 26: Never a failure even with the awful Wolf steel cased 115 9mm.

    Ruger MK II:Misfires or ftf now and again. But I've never field stripped it for cleaning. Only sprayed with Rem-Oil and cleaned as good as I could while still assembled. I recently found out that the Remington 525 Box of .22 HPs is crap. Every .22 I've shot with this ammo has malfunctioned. Now the 525 box from Federal is great. My MK II is much more reliable now.

    Kahr PM40: Put less than 100rds through it before it was sent back to the factory. The slide kept staying back after firing. Both mag followers were chipped so that might have been the problem. If the problem is fixed and it become 100% it will be my carry gun.

    SIG 220: Never a problem and the most fun to shoot. I love this gun.

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    I've had a few like that:

    Walther p22 - picky about ammo, some fail to ejects.

    Keltec p32 - again picky about ammo. jams when dirty but works like
    a charm when cleaned. It took around 250 rounds to
    break it in.

    Springfield 1911A1 - Some hollowpoints wont feed right all the time.

    Sig p229 - chews up anything I've ever thrown into it. Thousands of
    rounds through it, who knows how many before me I got
    it second hand.

    Taurus pt111 - no problems to date - approx. 700 rounds through it.

    Bersa thunder 380 - feeds great with anything. around 350 rounds
    through it.

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    In reference to the original poster, rather than to put my personal laundry list up, I'd suspect limp-wristing and form to be the cause of many of your problems rather than the firearms themselves in all honesty.

    I own somewhere in excess of a few dozen handguns, almost all semi-autos. Centerfire modern semiautos rarely if ever jam in my experience, and I count those that customers bring into the shop and complain don't work - even of those, 99% pass muster when shot into the trap by any of the staff. It's *almost always* form and limpwristing by the end user, not the weapon.
    Driver carries less than $45 worth of remorse.

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    I've had pretty good luck also.
    Well, not sure how much of it is luck.
    I usually do a very good function check on any handgun that I buy & check it out very carefully visually...before I plunk down $$$ for it.
    That goes a long way to help insure future reliability.
    I almost never buy any firearm sight unseen.
    I usually have to have it in hand before I'll buy.
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    All mechanical devices will malfunction. My guns malfunction far less than most peoples because I know how to take care of them.

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    each and ever one of my autos have had some type of ftf/fte at one time in their life. from bad ammo, parts problems, to "limping the gun", they all have had some problem. some less than others. thats the way it goes.

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