Outside opinion welcome

Outside opinion welcome

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Thread: Outside opinion welcome

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    Outside opinion welcome

    I bought an AK a few years ago thinking it would be all I would ever need for a militarized rifle. I put all the Tapco plastic on it and made it aggressive looking. This was while Bush was still in office and the concept that Brady would be considered on the rebound wasn't a consideration. Then the phase where holding onto a Semi-Auto rifle seemed like a smart move as it was inevitable that there would be another ban coming. It doesn't look like that movement is getting much traction and prices are back to the pre-Obama era in most cases.

    Recently I built an AR15 with RRA lower and BCM upper and I enjoy it. I got a .22conversion kit for it and it gets a lot of love. Now I am looking at this bulky AK in the safe and I think it would be nice to get a new pistol. Looking at PPS or P99 even an MP or a resolver (intentional typo).

    I hate regretting selling a gun and I have owned my share...some I regret selling and some I don't even think about again. I missed one of my XD's I sold and ended up buying another as soon as possible. Then there was a SW380 and couldn't get rid of fast enough.

    I don't see going to this rifle anymore...I have the AR15, Mossy500, 30-30...should I dump it and get something else I would carry more?

    I know its personal preferance let me read from some of you opinionated folk?

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    All I know is, if I sold my AK I would immediately regret it. Especially in an era where bans on such weapons are feasible, I would hold onto something like that.

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    My opinion;

    Guns are for buying....Not selling (I have 4 AKs, 5 ARs, 2 Garands................)

    Save your money and buy the handgun you want. When I have sold/traded a gun I have I usually regretted it.

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    Save your pennies, every gun I have ever traded, I have regretted. Especially since I usually run into enough money to buy the same one in a week or two.
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    Don't do it. Save the funds for the pistol and keep the AK.

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    Sell the plastic dead weight off the AK and return it to its original glory. The money you get back should put a nice dent in your new pistol bill.
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    No sentimental value? Sell it and buy something you'll use.
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    Every gun I sold I wish I kept.

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    I've sold a gun that I wish I kept and sold others I was glad to get rid of. If you don't like it anymore, sell or trade it, unless you like having safe queens (some people do). Take it out, shoot it, and you'll know if you want to sell it or not.

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    If you don't shoot it, need it, want it; sell it. Otherwise, it's an expensive paperweight. Buy something you need, want, and will shoot. It's a gun, not a lover.
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    I have a few firearms I will never use myself, and a small stash of ammo for each. Some people have gold coins in case the SHTF. Should that happen, each of these unloved and unused firearms with ammo would be worth more than its weight in silly gold coins!
    "If we loose Freedom here, there's no place to escape to. This is the Last Place on Earth!" Ronald Reagan

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    Sell the accessories...you will have a good way towards your pistol and that will also give you time to research and decide which sidearm you want.
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    An AK is one of the most recognized of the evil "machine guns" and therefore will always be at the top of any anti's list of things to ban, and I beleive they are just waiting for the right opportunity to try again, don't part with it.

    You've customized your AK the way you like it, don't part with it.

    I love an AR as much as anyone but an AK has last resort SHTF gun in it's genes, don't part with it

    Easier and cheaper to keep a gun than to try to replace one, don't part with it.

    Be patient and save up for the pistol that you want rather than trade the AK, don't part with it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldVet View Post
    If you don't shoot it, need it, want it; sell it. Otherwise, it's an expensive paperweight. Buy something you need, want, and will shoot. It's a gun, not a lover.
    Ye Gods--OldVet and I agree on something.

    I'm gonna grab my binoculars and scan for the 4 horsemen...
    There are no dangerous weapons; there are only dangerous men.--RAH

    ...man fights with his mind; the weapons are incidental.--Jeff Cooper

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    If they ever do pass a ban again,they will be worth a lot more,every gun I ever sold increased in value,I had and sold 3 pythons for less than what I paid new,now you can't find a used one under double what they cost new
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