Patience and timing pays off with wife.

Patience and timing pays off with wife.

This is a discussion on Patience and timing pays off with wife. within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; My wife got a Kimber in April, she has shot it some but is very new to pistols and frankly the .45 was, I thought, ...

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Thread: Patience and timing pays off with wife.

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    Patience and timing pays off with wife.

    My wife got a Kimber in April, she has shot it some but is very new to pistols and frankly the .45 was, I thought, just a little too much. Summer has been busy and she had not expressed much interest in practice and getting proficient with her gun. It was always loaded but in the box, as my Kimber was ready and available as the "house gun". last night she says I don't even know how to get my gun out of the factory box or even where it is. I jumped right up and said lets go. I got it out of the dresser and showed her the way the slides work on the factory box and she said it will do me no good to have it in the box. She placed it in a convient place ( no kids in the house) Now she says if i need it I will know where MY gun is. She then further amazed me and says I need to learn more about my gun and shoot it a bunch more. The slide is a little stiff for her to operate and I said we should order a little bit lighter spring as she shoots only light target loads. She says do it! The spring is on the way as well as a new cross breed for me. Patience, understanding and timing made the difference. I make sure to do everything possible to make sure every range experience is a good one. One step at a time.
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    I enjoyed your post and hope to enjoy the same feeling when/if my wife takes an interest.

    My wife has a CA state of mind

    It's gonna be awhile.

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    My girlfriend is just getting into it. We went to the range the other day and she was unloading with the .22. Neither of us were doing all that well, just shooting for the sake of it. She was having a ball emptying magazines into those paper bad guys. While it could have been a more productive trip, I was glad she was having fun. Now she wants to go more. Worked out better then having her really focus and work on it. Now that she is interested can go back to working on technique.

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    Bear in mind that you may have problems with a lighter spring. It might take a few tries to get the right spring/ammo combo that will work reliably. She'll get the hang of working the slide thru practice.
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    I strongly recommend starting her out on a .22 pistol. You can get better form without the nasty flinching associated with a larger caliber. When I was teaching my wife, she would easily shoot 2 or 3 times more .22 rounds than any other caliber. She developed good form from it and it has transferred nicely over to the 9mm. If you can dry fire your firearm that is good practice as well. If not, maybe snap caps. Getting the form right, aside from the recoil is a good thing. Oh, make it fun and let her learn at her own pace. But sneak in little new things as she gets more comfortable. I started off doing everything for my wife at the range. Our last trip, I stood in the lobby with the kids while she shot. Then when she took her CCP class, she was ready to run the gun on her own. Good luck, and have fun.
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    Congrats sir.

    You have suceeded in allowing your wife to learn at her pace, and in a manner that is comfortable for her. You are to be commended for that.


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    Whoo hoo!
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    That sounds very good. Congrats!
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