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Range dues?

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Thread: Range dues?

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    My range is $10 a visit...$30 a month...or $220 a year...

    I get a 10% discount on my yearly (retired military)...all range time is free...I get 6 visitor passes...plus a discount on everything except ammo...
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    Indoor range I belong to is $130 a year. You still have to pay lane fees, but its a reduced rate, you get to share lanes, discounts on ammo, etc. Math works out to be worth it if you go to the range about once a month. Discount on ammo isn't that great. You do get a couple free targets each visit and can make lane reservations which is really nice on busy weekends. Plus they have rentals and fairly helpful staff. They are a "public" range but have a members only range section.

    There is a private pistol club not too far away that I considered joining. Yearly club dues were about the same, but without any lane fees whatsoever. It was pretty straight forward. In the end I chose to get a membership at the public range since the pistol club didn't allow any rifles/shotguns except 22LR, didn't sell any ammo or targets, and only had 6 lanes. I'm not even sure if they had a full time RSO.

    There are a couple other private clubs around me that are in the same price range, but have multiple outdoor rifle/pistol ranges. They are the type that won't let you join unless sponsored by another member.
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    I have a friend who owns a C.A.S. club. I just shoot out there.

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    Range= Private. My back yard. Hot in summer, cold in winter. Shoot what you bring up to 300 meters.

    Dues= Take my wife out to dinner every now and then.
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    I usually do the 3 month family at $70 or so at the indoor range we use. I occasionally get a frequent flyer discount. They give discounts on bulk target purchases and other stuff on occasion. Unlimited shooting. Wife and I can take 2 lanes. Pistol, shotgun, .22 rifle, and .223. And they allow a lot of things other indoor ranges don't like; rapid fire, work from holster.

    The closest public ranges are 2 hours or so East or West.
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    The wife and I pay $300 a year for dawn 'til dusk shooting 365 days minus a couple of special events. Our range is 'top notch' and safety is #1.
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    $20.00 for the family a year + current NRA. 24/7 pistol/rifle/shotgun

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    I shoot at Blackwing Shooting Center, Delaware, OH. It's one of only a handful of 5-star rated indoor ranges in the state.
    AND so you pay a STEEP price: membership is $ 175 /yr and allows you free shooting on Thursdays. Otherwise, range time is $15.00 a pop plus 1 or 2 free visitor passes. You do get discounts on ammo, clothing and such. If you are NOT a member: $20 a pop.


    I don't go enough to justify the price of membership.
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    AGC Range outside of Baltimore, $150 per year! Some day hopefully I'll be in an area where it's a lot cheaper.

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    Indoor pistol only, 25 yard max. with a decent shop and OK prices on locally mfg hard cast ammo:
    $16.00/hr or $250/yr no range fees.

    Indoor pistol/shotgun/rimfire, 25 yard max. with a mediocre shop but great prices on WWB ammo:
    $15.00 no anual rate available.

    State operated (ODNR) out door rifle/pistol/shotgun w/covered firing line, skeet and archery in some facilities:
    $16.00/yr or $5.00/day 10am-5pm tues-sun. no holidays.

    Local private club, dynamic rifle/pistol shotgun up to 200 yards with several smaller 25 yrd side ranges and 3 lane indoor pistol range:
    $200 refundable buy in, $100/yr + 20 hrs donated labor/yr($8.00/hr to buy out of labor).
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    $80/year; outdoor range. Available 24/7 - members have key. Covered rifle, covered lanes out to 200 yards; pistol some covered, some open to 25 yards. Section for shotgun and skeet. Area reserved for archery.

    Guests are aloowed but asked to keep visits with same guest to minimum with encouraging guests to become members.

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    Texas, South of the Sabine
    outdoor range, members only, electronic "keycard" gate - $75/year

    at "bottom of hill", 4 rifle ranges - one with night lights (200+ yard range), one 300 yard range, one range for "4 position" competition and full auto, one for small caliber. 2 pistol ranges - one with 3 sided covered shooting enclosure, one with shed only... both lighted

    at "top of hill", 5 stand shotgun range (with manual throwers for non group competition shooting) which is lighted, trap range, patterning range. Also, 4 pistol ranges (not yet lighted) and 3 rifle ranges out to 150 yards (also not lighted, yet)

    Open for members from 6:00 a.m. til 9:00 p.m., seven days a week.

    10 minutes from my house, and home away from home!

    I love living in the country.


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    Local Outdoor range is $50 a year. They dont really have any "services" basically just a Pavillion type deal at the start of the shooting line to keep the rain or weather/sun off you and the frame supports and backers to put your target up on, They have a skeet/trap range, a 1000 yard rifle range,pistol, separate .22 range...they do all the "typical" competitions like Silhouette,bulseye,CPM M1, and several others..they have about 6 different places you can shoot at which is cool so if one is "busy" you can just move to a spot where it isnt...the berm is the side of a mountain so its pretty safe :) .

    The local indoor range is REAL nice but also quite pricey...they have memberships but all they do is give you a discount on the price of each shooting session..You have to use their ammo you CANT bring your own but thats because they are a lead free range and use the frangible ammo. So the price includes a box of 50 rounds..they break it down into 1/2 hour segments so for 1/2 hour of range time and a 50 round box of ammo the cost is about $30 for 9mm and goes up for the other calibers..probably close to $35 or $36 for .45 ACP ..its a nice set up though...fully electronic which you can pick the distance you shoot, lighting conditions, you can have the target turn to face then blade away after a set time, real nice set up but just too much $$ for me..I only go there about 2X a year mostly if its raining or in the winter if we get a cold spell..but I cant afford $30+ every time I shoot lol...

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    Quote Originally Posted by varob View Post
    Range= Private. My back yard. Hot in summer, cold in winter. Shoot what you bring up to 300 meters.

    Dues= Take my wife out to dinner every now and then.
    Blackcreek is $100 a year (100 yards longest) and no fast shooting. Not sure I'm going to renew.

    If invited, I'll bring plenty of guns and ammo...

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    Zach and Holly, How ironic is it that the range I frequent charges the same amount as yours?

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