Range dues?

Range dues?

This is a discussion on Range dues? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Curious what some of you pay...? Our only range here in Eugene charges $25 for walkins. $75 for a single membership per year, then $12 ...

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Thread: Range dues?

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    Range dues?

    Curious what some of you pay...?

    Our only range here in Eugene charges $25 for walkins. $75 for a single membership per year, then $12 for a visit anytime.

    Couples membership....$100/yr and then only $6 each for husband and wife to share ONE lane. We went with that one. That sound like a bargain? Or average? It's the only range we've ever been to...
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    Outdoor range, 0-200yds. Covered shooting benches, target frames & targets & use of spotting scopes & sandbags. Open 10-5, Tue-Sat, Apr to Nov. $35/yr, no additional fee.

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    50 a year for single,60 for family,

    Open till dark everyday of the year.Shoot to your hearts content. 0-200 covered,separate covered pistol range to 75 yards. Targets, hearing protection, safety glasses, shooting mats, bench rests,staplers, target dots...all of it is provided.

    Bring your own ammo. If you dont reload, put your emptys in the 5 gallon bucket provided for those that do.
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    In Portland, I pay 150 to start and 120 a year each year after. Only addition is if you need targets or clothing. shoot from 0700 to 2200. Pistol only. but I save on Gasm its 5 min from the house.
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    The indoor range (up to 50ft.) I've been going to is currently $10 for town residents, $12 for non-residents and $200/$225 respectively for a years membership. On Sept 1st prices are going up to $12/$15 & $225/$250.

    I wish memberships around here were as cheap as the rest of you posted!

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    25 yard indoor range..... in CT.... $500/yr....includes discounts on ammo :(.
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    I Don't go to The Public range no more, $0 For open 150 yd range 5 min from house ; )
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    $50.00 per year gun club dues plus current NRA membership entitles me to unlimited use of the outdoor range which has covered shooting benches and two pistol pits.

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    Here in Phoenix an indoor range is required in the summer; the one I frequent has gotten more expensive. $20/mo for new members. I am grandfathered in on the old plan of $180/yr for 25 yard indoor range with discounts on a bunch of stuff, no additional fees.

    Ben Avery is the largest shooting range in AZ, and is a 20 minute drive. $5 for all day there, and when it is cool out it's a good place to shoot.
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    Only local indoor commercial range charges $9/hr plus have to use their ammo and targets. So figure @$35 for one box of ammo thru the paper. Dirty, poorly lit, no ventilation or A/C. Used it twice to function check guns. Unlikely to go back.

    Closest public outdoor range (45 min) is $9/day. Nice range, well maintained and controlled (to the extreme at times). Had to "reassemble" my Glock to make it "safe." Still, a lot of the overhead barriers seem to be filled with holes. A bit too hot this time of year to really enjoy a session.

    One private outdoor range close by, members only deal. Must be recommended by a member. Don't remember the annual dues and initial "Admin" fee.
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    We pay $25/year, or $
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    Typical outdoor range in Houston area - 0-200yd rifle & 3-25yd pistol - $15per visit

    Brand new public indoor pistol range 3min from my house - $15/hr + targets - Membership = $45/MONTH w/no discounts or $500/yr with a 5% discount on everything in the shop.

    Some of you guys get great deals. My prices suck!

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    I don't know about the pricing exactly, but SHARING A LANE ALL THE TIME...ugggh.

    There seems to be a wide variety of technology at the ranges (or not). This must have a big effect on pricing so it's not easy to compare unless you really know the facility.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zach and Holly View Post
    Our only range here in Eugene charges $25 for walkins. $75 for a single membership per year, then $12 for a visit anytime. Couples membership....$100/yr and then only $6 each for husband and wife to share ONE lane.
    The Tri-County Gun Club in Sherwood charges a one-time initiation/setup fee of $175 (steep, IMO), then $120/yr, with no added per-use fees, lane restrictions, and only minor guest limits. The entire club and all ranges are open, and that includes rifle long-range, rifle short-range, IPSC-style pistol "action" range, black powder range, short pistol range, .22 outdoor range, .22 indoor range, use of the clubhouse, hunter's ed. courses, IPSC intro courses, 600yd range intro, seminars offered by many of the experienced members, various competitions.

    Though a bit stout with the first year's initiation fee to swallow, I think it's a reasonably large and well-maintained collection of facilities for $25/mo the first year, $17/mo the second year, $15/mo the third year. Twice as much as the range you mention, which would make this one a bit expensive for the occasional shooter, though to me for a person that shoots a variety of firearms often it seems fair. Not bad, compared to many of the prices paid around the country for much smaller facilities.
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    Local outdoor range is $70 first year $20 after that. Can use any time there isn't a match, 100yd covered pistol range, 550yd covered rifle range. Tues night trap, Thur night skeet. All in all good buy.
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