I found a diamond in the cornfields....

I found a diamond in the cornfields....

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Thread: I found a diamond in the cornfields....

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    I found a diamond in the cornfields....

    We moved here to the cornfields of Indiana from Beautiful West Tennessee (I know what everyone is thinking, "WHY?". I know that is what a lot of you are thinking because that is what I have heard from every single person who has heard we moved from Tennessee to Indiana since we got here. I honestly ask myself that sometimes. But, that is not important to the story...) about 3 months ago. I had not found a gun store or range yet.

    Our kids started school last week, but the week before that the elementary school had an open house so the parents could meet the teachers. We went and I met the mother and father of one of our kids classmates. The Dad and I got to talking and he is a gun guy as well. He told me about a gun shop not far from our little (and I do mean little) town named Guns & Ordnance. It is literally in the cornfields out in the middle of nowhere. He said it was a great place but I thought "How could it be out in the middle of nowhere?"

    This morning, he and I went there. When I pulled up in front, in the gravel lot, the building was small and nondescript. I had very low expectations.

    I went inside and was immediately blown away by what I saw. Guns everywhere. Holsters of all kinds on the walls. Rifles in two long racks on the floor. Hunting rifles, M-4's, AK clones, 2 Barrett .50 cal rifles. Behind the long counter, more rifles and shotguns of all varieties. The counter was the typical class enclosure with many, many handguns of all makes and models. Ammo on shelves on the sales floor. Apparel of all types. Hunting and fishing gear. This place had it all. And their prices are great.

    I was shocked and happy that this little gun oasis in the middle of a sea of corn is only a few miles from my house!

    All in all, this experience made the fact that I now live in Indiana instead of my beloved Tennessee just a little easier to accept. I think I will be spending a lot of time there.
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    Very very cool! Glad you're making friends, getting the kids into schools, and settling in. Home is where you make it. Having a great gun shop close is even better! Congrats!
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    Sounds like you found a fantastic spot to spend some free time in.
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    Now that is a good find! A good gun shop close by can make life a whole lot better!

    Small town life can be an adjustment if you haven't lived in one before. I could never move back to a real city. Everyone gets invloved in community stuff like the local fair and we also have Heritage days and about half the town turns out for HS sports.
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    I grew up in a small town but have not lived in one this small ( less than 2000 people ) for about 25 years now. It's an adjustment to be sure. But it is growing on us slowly but surely. More slowly on me as I tend to resist change and my wife and kids kind of roll with changes much easier than I do.
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    Ah................................the cornfields. Indiana? Never know. I seriously took a look at a job in Iowa this past week. You never know when you'll find a sweet spot in the middle of somewhere noone never expected. I know all-too-well the relocation ordeal. Tired of it myself. But there always seems to be a diamond in the rough no matter how jaded we become. I'm awfully glad you've found something to boost your connection with what's most important to you. Best of luck!

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    Good for you, or perhaps not that good. You might need to start working a lot of overtime
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    That's awesome. It's always nice to find a little silver lining in a move you may not otherwise be thrilled about. Good for you! Sounds like you've found a potential good friend as well. Very nice.

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    Watcha buy????

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    Heck, Ask the store clerk about a shooting range.
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    Spent about 3 years in the cornfields up around Peru, a ways north of your area. Surprising what's hidden behaind those walls of green. Glad you've found something to ease the misery. I never did.
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    What a great find, sometimes you will find a gun store, but it will be less than OK and you have to travel miles to find a good one! congrats on the good find.
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    If you build it they will come...errr Kevin Costner in field of dreams
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    Good for you. You never know, things may keep getting better.

    At least one thing about being in your new location, you don't have to worry about the continued decline of Memphis and the surrounding areas. I have to go there Labor Day weekend for my nieces wedding and am not looking forward to it one bit.

    I have grown very accustom to small town life, albeit larger than 2,000 folks.

    Enjoy your new find. Hanging out there will most likely put you in touch with folks who can find some activities for you, hunting, fishing places and the like.
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    And you thought you may hate it, if I remember correctly. Hope all goes well and you don't spend all of your savings at the shop, save a little.
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