Where Do You Sit In Restaurants.

This is a discussion on Where Do You Sit In Restaurants. within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; If given the option, do you sit facing the entrance, or facing the cash register (if separate) ?...

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Thread: Where Do You Sit In Restaurants.

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    Where Do You Sit In Restaurants.

    If given the option, do you sit facing the entrance, or facing the cash register (if separate) ?
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    Always facing the entrance, preferably with a secure back area behind me, against a wall, as far back as I can get......

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    I really prefer to sit in the back somewhere, but where I can see the front door and the kitchen door if possible. The only time I sit with my back to the door is when I go to lunch with my brother or my retired NJ LEO buddy, I let them watch the front.

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    Near the entrance and/or exit. I also try to position myself to where I can also face the cash register.

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    I prefer facing the entrance also and out of the way booth if possible, don't like sitting in the middle of the restaurant/diner. And here I thought I was the only one ?

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    Well I don't have a choice where I sit 99% of the time because a hostess does the seating but even before I carried I always kept my back to the wall as much as I could so I had a clear view of who was coming and going. I do not always have that choice though. I cannot request a table that is not open and I have to take what they give me. From there I make the best out of it.

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    When you get older you get use to the "Triangle Of Death".


    Cash Register

    Rest Room

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    Since the Luby's massacre I sit where I can see everything. So does my Brother-in-law so when we eat out together it is a race to see who can get the seat with the vantage point.
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    I always like to face the entrance....if there's only one. I almost always go for a booth seating arrangement and sit on the outside if my wife is next to me. Most times, when we hit the buffets, my wife is on the opposite side of the table. Most of those times, we're both carrying. But I do like to see who's coming and going for sure.

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    Don't eat out much, but I want to be able to see the entrance. My wife is really sharp, so if there are 2 I feel fine if we both get to watch one.
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    If there's a choice, particularly if I happen to be sitting alone, generally I sit where I can have a decent view of new, incoming customers. Ideally, the seat is also relatively close to an exit toward the rear or side of the restaurant. Going in groups of two or more, obviously, it's a bit simpler to have more "eyes" on the crowd, such that during such times I tend to be less retentive about the exact seating arrangements.
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    I try to sit where I can see the common entry point, the cash register and keep an eye on my truck out the window.
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    Anywhere available but usually facing the entrance.
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    I follow the principle of seating the woman so that she can best see and be seen. She's trained in Krav Maga and has good SA, so if something is amiss behind me, she'll let me know. I cover her back.

    For some reason, I've found that restaurants are not places where I need to be on high alert or take extraordinary precautions. The walk to and from is where I'm more yellow-to-orange, depending.

    To be utterly logical about it, what's the worst that could happen? A couple of armed gunmen burst in and yell, "This is a stickup"? In that event, it won't matter which direction I'm facing. I appreciate the "always sit with your back to a wall" and other bits of conventional wisdom. If you're a mafia hit man, that extra second or two could be useful. If you're not a person with a contract out on your head, what is the dangerous threat from behind you're worried about?

    Sitting down does not normally require a strategic component unless something else is a factor. I have done precisely that on overseas trips to third world countries, but in the US my concerns are with being seated away from loud, boisterous types, children, the restrooms, the kitchen door, etc. Given that I'm a very adventurous diner, I'm less worried about other people than I am with the food on my plate killing me.
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    I sit in a chair or on a bench preferably
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