Co-worker from Chicago wanting his first gun

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Thread: Co-worker from Chicago wanting his first gun

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    Co-worker from Chicago wanting his first gun

    I have a co-worker who is from Chicago (as is his wife) and he has asked me about guns. He knows I own some and he is interested in purchasing his first gun.

    When I first met him, i assumed he was an anti and possibly quite Liberal but it turns out he is very pro-gun and not at all a Lib. In fact, he doesn't think he could ever move back to Chicago even though his entire family still lives there.

    It's funny listening to him tell me that the way things run in Chicago seemed normal because that is all he knew until he moved away from it and saw that the rest of the Country runs much better and with no corruption, at least in comparison to Chicago and the state of Illinois as a whole.
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    Sounds like my wife. She's from the Chicago area too, and like him was surprised to find out that it was not only legal, but socially acceptable here to own a gun. I had to explain to her we didn't need a FOID card or any kind of permit to buy one. The first time she went into my favorite gun store with me, her eyes got REAL big as she looked around. She whispered..."Is this legal?" I laughed and told her "Naw, the cops don't know about this place. Don't tell them." She hit me!

    When I went back up there to visit her family I thought everyone would be "anti." Well I can't speak for everyone up there, but I sure didn't meet any of her family or friends who were. None of them were gun owners, and most of them didn't seem to want any, but they sure didn't seem to mind the idea that we had them (back at home of course), and didn't seem to think that no one should have them. If anything they seemed to think it was pretty neat. They all agreed the laws there did nothing to stop the bad guys from getting them.

    BTW. My wife's first gun was a Ruger Single Six. She has since gotten her CHP, and a Glock 19. She urges everyone she meets to "Get your CHP even if you don't want to carry a gun. If you don't take advantage of this law, 'they" will say "Look, no one wanted this law in the first place...let's repeal it."
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    The barbarian laws of Chicago are keeping me from attending my family reunion there next year. I just can't see myself taking my family there without the means to protect them if something was to happen. Its unfortunate I won't get to go back, since I do have family there, but being able to protect my daughter is more important to me.
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    It sounds like some of the citizens there have been "conditioned".
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