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Thread: In the future.....

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    In the future.....

    Cause I'm broke, I was thinking of "making" a BBQ gun. I want one of the .45's to do this with (or maybe the 9mm Largo cause it looks like a classic .45). I can't do it with the HK because of the frame so that leaves me with the Kimber, Balister Molina or the Star 9mm Largo.

    Now, this is just going to be a "fancy" fun gun, not really used much. I don't want to do anything like this on the Kimber so that leaves the Star and the BM.

    Would it be considered "bad" to do this with the BM? I was thinking of either hard chrome or Nickle. Both are hard to get grips for in Bone or something like that but I can get grips from Hakan.


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    Nah...I don't think it would be "bad" to do with a fact it might look nice and add some life to the gun.
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    Even the Star too could be worth some ''bling'' as a venture!

    Hakan grips would be super nice too - but cost may be a problem.
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    Wayne, you've got the term, but obviously no idea of the origin!

    ONLY an HK P7/PSP/M8 may be a "BBQ" gun, as ordained by George Hessler, of ,Cult of the P7, fame. Now, be aware, after getting your BBQ (or plain ol' hardchrome on any other weapon ), you have lost all tactical advantage. The BGs will see the glint of polished chrome through your black Fruit of the Looms, Levis, and the black Mitch Rosen tuckable, under your midnight blue Hawaiian print shirt! Don't laugh, this is serious business! Of course, if you do ante up, and get the Real BBQ Gun, your springs will never wear out.........

    At least I was assuming you weren't familiar with the term. If you want more point of reference, go to PCT and search "BBQ"......have fun!

    BOT- from experience, you can use the fool out of a properly HC'd Kimber, with no appreciable marring, as long as you aren't tossing it on the gravelly floorboards of your truck, going to the range. I'm not familiar with the BM, but, though the Star "looks" 1911, much of it is proprietary, so if you had to have some repairs down the road, you would be stuck with blued, or paying $40 plus shipping for a couple of small parts to match. The Kimber could be fitted with brushed stainless parts, in the future, and will honestly be a better value. But. If you don't want to muck with it, it's your baby.....

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    Thanks Rob, All.

    Well, the Balister Molina is just like the Star (in looks). Both would be hard to get parts for but this is mostly just a "fancy" gun built mainly for looks (they still function, no parts needed yet). I can get parts for the Star from SARCO (well, while they last) and few real 1911 parts fit into the BM (or so I've been told). I guess a good gunsmith can "make" them work.

    My main .45's are the Kimber and the HK so doing this to the BM or Star isn't a problem. The Star has been redone by a smith so I know it's in good working order. And it already supports a pair of Hakans


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