M1 Carbine

M1 Carbine

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Thread: M1 Carbine

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    M1 Carbine

    I am seriously considering a new M1 Carbine, by Kahr/Auto-Ordinance. I really like the look of the weapon as well as it's place in history.

    However, a guy at a gunshop recently told me not to "waste my money". He said he has one and it stopped functioning after 100 rds.
    He said they are of poor quality, in his opinion. Something about "soft metal", poorly made, etc.

    I would like to know if anyone has heard the same thing, and in general what you all think of the quality of the gun. I am not interested in "preferences", but any hard facts as to the quality of the thing.

    Thanks in advance for your input.

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    I've seen slightly rough condition M1 carbines in .30cal for reasonable prices, far less than suggested retail on the new ones.

    Don't know about this particular gun, but I've heard one horror story about a new tommy guns from Kahr/AO. (on here? Perhaps it was at combatcarry...)

    Nice looking gun, I was seriously looking at an original for about $300 until I checked the price of ammo :(
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    The 1927A1 bad experience was Rfurtkamp's - lot of hassles he had.

    I do hear that the ''repro'' guns are not anything like the real thing for reliability etc - so if looking I think I'd try to find a reasonable original.

    Ammo is not prob - providing you reload
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    The great ol' carbines that were made by Inland,Singer,Winchester,etc.,bring a healthy price nowadays. See if you can find one made by Universal. To me they were well made,and because they were made for the general public they made enough to keep the price down.

    Now just find the nearset Western Auto and see if they still have one on the back shelf. I had a couple when I was a kid and they all shot good. Also,if it still has the origional price tag on it (IIRC),it will be somewhere around $65. Good Luck ------

    I see the military versions at the gun shows and a cheap one will be over $400.--------

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