Hello. As you know, 40-caliber Hi Powers can be converted to 357 SIG by replacing the factory barrel with an aftermarket one chambered for the cartridge. I am interested in the first-hand observations of people actually owning such conversions and these questions in particular:

1. Is your converted Hi Power reliable in 357 SIG?

2. How many different 357 SIG loads have you used?

3. How many total 357 SIG rounds do you estimate firing through your Hi Power?

4. If your pistol malfunctions, how frequent is it? (1 out of ten, one-hundred, two-hundred?)

5. What strength recoil-spring do you use?

6. What brand aftermarket barrel are you using? (I recall that Bar-Sto Precision no longer offers a conversion barrel.)

7. Has your Hi Power suffered any small parts breakage or even catastrophic frame or slide damage?

8. Has accuracy been satisfactory?

9. Do the existing sights offer POA matching POI?

10. Are you satisfied with the conversion in general?

Thank you in advance for your taking time to share your experiences and observations. I appreciate your taking the time and effort to do so.

Best to you and yours.