Just bought a new gun that I can't wait to give away!

Just bought a new gun that I can't wait to give away!

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Thread: Just bought a new gun that I can't wait to give away!

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    Just bought a new gun that I can't wait to give away!

    Just bought a special edition "Boy Scouts of America" Ruger 10/22! It's stunningly beautiful. My oldest son is 12 years old, and currently a First Class Scout. I showed him the gun (which he of course thinks is awesome), and told him it was mine. But on the day he earns his Eagle, it becomes his. Nothing would make me prouder than the opportunity to give this beautiful gun away. My youngest son is just 8 and in Cub Scouts. I even hope I have to start looking for a second one some day!


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    That would make a fine gift for your son.
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    Awesome gift.
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    Congrats on your boys! It will certainly be something that he won't forget. Very nice!
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    I would go ahead and buy the second one now if you can afford it and just keep it until it's time.prices usually don't get cheaper and the chance of finding a boy scout edition in the future may be expensive
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    I agree with dukalmighty, get the second one now.
    Sounds like a great gift for an Eagle Scout accomplishment...that in and of itself is an amazing goal.
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    That is a fitting gift, very thoughtful. Good on you . Like others have said, might want to get that second one now...

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    I to agree with dukalmighty, go ahead and get a second Boy Scouts commemorative now. Make the same agreement with your younger son. It becomes more of a reward for achievement than a gift. He will be proud to have it and you will be proud of both of them for earning their pistols.

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    Great idea ! You're an awesome parent, and I hope your son is mightily motivated to earn his Eagle!! Keep in mind that the Eagle Award gets more "difficult" as he approaches the age of 18, so a keen focus early will be a great benefit. I've seen the motivation wane when girls and driving start competing.

    Dukalmighty had a great idea too, and that can make it a real family tradition. How neat!
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    I have also pondered this Idea, being as my nephew has since become an eagle scout, (same Eagle Court of Honor ) ceremony as one of his best friends, and I saw this, in addition to the Ruger one.


    I am going to try to talk to his dad,(my brother) to see if he wants to go halfsies on it or something.

    becoming Eagle Scout is Quite a meritorious accomplishment.

    He received letters of commendation from the Governor, State representative, the mayor of the city, and one of the Congressmen from his District was there , and gave a speech in recognition of his achievement.

    Its just trying to cough up the money in these financial times.

    Pics from L_R;
    Him with his mom and dad
    Grandma and Grandpa
    Him with his co-Eagle For the ceremony
    Last with mom dad Co-eagle, nd His mom.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Just bought a new gun that I can't wait to give away!-dscn0315.jpg  

    Just bought a new gun that I can't wait to give away!-dscn0297.jpg  

    Just bought a new gun that I can't wait to give away!-joe-n-ryan.jpg  

    Just bought a new gun that I can't wait to give away!-dscn0289.jpg  

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    What a nice looking rifle!! Will also let you get me that p345 with gold phoenix accents...ive been good.
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    Great incentives for your sons! I also recommend buying the second one now. As a younger brother, I would have been jealous if I knew my older brother was getting a gun and I might get one sometime in the future. Being fair by buying two will inspire both of them to accel in Scouts and it will probably be cheaper to buy one now before they become more collectible and harder to find as well as more expensive.

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