Inherited gun turned out to be stolen!

Inherited gun turned out to be stolen!

This is a discussion on Inherited gun turned out to be stolen! within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; This happened to me yesterday! So my father and I have been avid shooters since I was 12 years old. He passed away 7 years ...

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Thread: Inherited gun turned out to be stolen!

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    Inherited gun turned out to be stolen!

    This happened to me yesterday! So my father and I have been avid shooters since I was 12 years old. He passed away 7 years ago and I have had his gun collection since that day. When I was a boy he taught me to shoot on a S&W Model 686 .357 Revolver. I really loved that gun. Times have been tough for me and I wanted to sell the gun to pay down my debt. My father would have been ok with this choice because he knew it was helping me.

    Fast forward to yesterday. I took the gun to a local gun store and asked about selling or consigning the gun. The shop owner said he would give me a fair price for the gun so I chose to sell it to him. He began to run my info through the system and check the serial number on the gun. The Gun shop owner looked at me and said, "there as been a hit on this gun, the lady on the phone is checking now to see if it is the same gun". My heart sank! Next thing I know there is an officer walking through the door.

    The officer asked if I was the person that brought in the gun. I said yes. He said that he had been dispatched to check out the gun. After observing the gun, he informed me that it was indeed the gun that was reported stolen back in 1992 out of L.A.

    I told the officer that the gun had been in my family for almost 20 years and that my father had never reported it stolen. We moved to Oregon from L.A. and I knew my father had gotten the gun from his friend as a gift. Thats when it all started to click. OMG. My father would have never kept a stolen gun knowingly. The time frame matched and the story matched. The officer informed me that I was not in trouble considering I was 12 years old when the gun was reported stolen. He took the gun and said that there is a slim chance I could get the gun back.

    If the person who filed the stolen report is dead or the case has been closed, I may still get to keep the gun. But the file is so old and it being in Los Angeles County, he said its going to take some time to figure out everything.

    So I received an evidence receipt and a phone number to call today and find out the status of the gun.

    I am pretty upset that I lost the gun and did not receive any money for it but in the interest of justice I am happy. I hope that the person does get reunited with their gun, even if its almost 20 years later
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    Wow tuff luck man. Sounds like it really wasn't a gift of your dads friend got it by some other means.

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    Sorry to hear about that. That's two posts here today about someone being given/sold a stolen gun. Serves as a good reminder to be alert to where and under what circumstances you buy/receive a gun.
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    Sorry to hear about your dad passing away. I'm sure that if he was around today, he would want to have a few words with his friend!
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    At least you did not get in trouble
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    gezz, if you were in NY, you would have found out a long time ago it was stolen, we have to register every hand gun. Or you would have been arrested for having an illegal handgun.

    Glad the cops didn't give you hard time over this.

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    I'm truly sorry about your misfortune in losing the weapon (and it's value), but it's a lot less than you'd have paid a lawyer if the authorities had decided to go after you. It's a loss, but it could have been a lot worse. Hopefully you'll get the gun back, but don't forget to get all the applicable report numbers and receipts giving you ownership in case it hits again somewhere down the road. Good luck...
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    Weird.... hope you end up with it back, due to the number of years it's been gone. Then , sell it to me .... I'm wanting a S&W 686.
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    years ago my Uncle would trade guns with is factory buddies like kids trading sandwiches at lunch, and he regularly and a different gun to take out to the gravel pit behind the Barn, as a kid I never thought anything about it but now I often wonder if any of those were less than legit.....
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    I'm wondering what database has info able to retrieve a 20 year old serial number. Anyone know? Because two different states are involved, it would have to be a national database.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ripley16 View Post
    I'm wondering what database has info able to retrieve a 20 year old serial number. Anyone know? Because two different states are involved, it would have to be a national database.
    Stolen firearms are entered into NCIC, a database shared by the entire nation. Stolen guns stay in there forever or until the case is resolved. I'm just surprised a gun shop would have access to it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by automatic slim View Post
    I'm just surprised a gun shop would have access to it.
    Perhaps the gun shop called the local PD, who in turn checked the NCIC?

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    NCIC - National Crime Information Center - is managed by the FBI (or was when I was briefed on it.) Any state can submit 'entries' such as arrest warrants or in this case, stolen merchandise including vehicles, boats, and of course, firearms.

    Firearms are listed by serial number, but also a brief description of the item, maker, model number, firearm type (revolver, shotgun and so on) and finish, I think. Serial numbers do repeat between manufacturers and the description part is very important.

    The gun shop would not have direct access to NCIC. When the gun shop owner "...began to run my info through the system and check the serial number..." he was calling a local or state office to do so. One checks NCIC directly by a secure computer link. I beleive in California this is the state Department of Justice. It would be something similar in Oregon. Obviously, if the various govermental agencies want to prevent stolen guns from being sold through FFL dealers, those goverments have to provide a way to check.

    Gelicious, I'm sorry to hear about this. I'm sure your Dad was innocent of any evil or wrongdoing, but this has to be a personal blow to you.
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    I'm sorry to hear about that, I hope it works out for you. Life does throw some curveballs sometimes doesn't it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gelicious View Post
    Inherited gun turned out to be stolen
    One of the potential problems when doing face-to-face transfers.

    Sorry to hear of the bad luck. Be happy to know it's know longer a dangling issue, and that the original owner might now be reunited with his/her property.
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