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Being into guns screwed me

This is a discussion on Being into guns screwed me within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by Guantes You lost me. Would you be so kind as to elaborate on this. The real human we are is uninteresting and ...

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Thread: Being into guns screwed me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guantes View Post
    You lost me. Would you be so kind as to elaborate on this.
    The real human we are is uninteresting and not what people are looking for. People naturally look for a person that is above the median. So a lot of times people will ascribe a higher level to an individual they just meet. Some of that’s the desire to find that right person some of that’s just not knowing who that person is. So anywise it’s a good tactic at clubs to give little info away about yourself, hence keeping up that assumed higher level.

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    I would say that the gun thing saved your bacon from a divorce or breakup latter. Find one ar the range or at your next NRA meeting. much better odds of making that work.
    "I cannot undertake to lay my finger on that article of the Constitution, which granted a right to Congress of expending, on objects of benevolence, the money of their constituents." -1792, James Madison
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    Quote Originally Posted by tbrenke View Post
    I would say that the gun thing saved your bacon from a divorce or breakup latter. Find one ar the range or at your next NRA meeting. much better odds of making that work.
    Man, when I was at the gun store picking up the P380, there was this GOOOOOODDDD looking lady, but she was with someone. She realized that I was getting a hefty discount on the pistol and asked if I was LEO, i said I'm military and she told me how she was in the USAF, and she just got back from thre as a contractor and is a ATC at Miami. Then I told her that I was a commercial pilot as wel and used to fly King airs.... we had a little conversation going. I wish I could find myself something like that!!!! That'd be the catch of the year!!!

    Maybe I'll have better luck at the Academy, I have orientation for it in like 8 hours, perhaps there are some good looking ladies there LOL

    Quote Originally Posted by Cornelius View Post
    Not sure why you posted her pic up on here- I would've believed you anyway. :)

    Words of wisdom from a friend of mine who has dated a lot of really attractive women:
    "Sure, she might be hot but chances are someone out there is tired of @#$ing her"

    It's better to find a girl that's not just physically attractive, but also strong and intelligent. Trust me, you don't want to date a closed-minded shallow bleeding heart. I've been down that road before. In my experience, they're not above being unfaithful, selfish, and obsessive. Lots of emotional baggage, unpredictable rages, and wishing I were alone. Yeah, I definitely was tired of her.

    I'm in a much better relationship now.
    Sounds like my last relationship. she was very close minded and she hated guns too... lol... She told me once that if it was meant to happen and it was her time to go, then it was her time to go. I said 'so you wouldn't try to save your own life?' and she said, nope... hah

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    Wise words an older gentleman shared with me when I was on the verge of getting married. He said, Always remember this:

    "No matter how good some other woman looks, some other guy is sick and tired of putting up with her crap!"
    Know Guns, Know Safety, Know Peace.
    No Guns, No Safety, No Peace.

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    Yeah.......kick her to the curb and don't look back. There are more out there....
    Magazine <> clip - know the difference

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    consider your self lucky my son found out after they were married.

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    Someone did mention a dating site for pro-gun people in another thread on this site. You're better off being up front and honest. A relationship where there is a conflict over one of your core values will not end well. So, just keep trying.

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    It is best to be honest. And at least you found out now instead of later. Yes you lost her but if you hadn't told her and you got really serious about this girl how do you think it would have turned out?
    I think it would have turned out the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guantes View Post
    You may be better off finding out now. There are many women that admittedly do not have what it takes to be a cops wife.
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    Good thing you found out now. More fish in the sea. Just as others have said. Next time, you might want to let the cat out of the bag a little earlier in the relationship just so.. 1. You don't waste your time, and 2. She won't be so shocked and break your heart.
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    Find a woman that loves you for you. That way even if she doesn't like guns (my wife doesn't) it won't result in a problem.

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    Sorry. Now on to the present. Are either #'s 1 or 3 in the picture gun lovers and available?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AZ Husker View Post
    Find you a good southern girl with spandex pants, a halter top, an NHRA tattoo, and a few missing teeth. She'll love your guns more than you!
    Hey I am a southern girl, I love guns but I look nothing like that.

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    I don't think it was the guns or the cop thing, based on what you have said and done, it was your timing and delivery of both topics. You should have got a better feeling for her mindset and slowly introduced your own. In the big picture, guns end up being a small part of life, no matter how much into them you are. Talking guns in a new relationship is like talking religion or politics when the other persons views are unknown. You might hit a home run, or you are going to crash and burn; you must do your homework first!

    The cop thing... well, others are right; Not many women have what it takes to be a cops wife. But, on the other side, nobody really knows or understands what that really means until they get there. Some will thrive when they thought not, and others flounder when they were thought to be strong enough. It might of been the fact that you are not a cop yet, its tough to get hired, and she might of taken it as a school boy fantasy "I want to be a policeman when I grow up." Maybe she is looking for somebody already established. You would have known that if you had better timing.

    Posting her picture on the Internet probably doesn't help your case either. You have to be smoother and smarter than that if you want to keep a girl who has plenty of options on your arm.

    Thats enough of Sixto's tutorial on how to pick up and keep hot chicks.

    Work on your timing and delivery, then get back in the batters box and take another swing.
    "Just blame Sixto"

    I reserve the right to make fun, point and laugh etc.

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    Don't worry about. Wait until you see who you are going to be working with.
    In case they don't warn you in orientation, there is a subtype in our species known as "holster sniffers" or having "(uniform color) shirt fever". These are the ones that have a thing for cops. They want that pay and benefits package. Some of them know exactly how long they have to be married to you before they can get half of your pension in a divorce action. These are frequently found working in dispatch centers or working in other civillian positions in police departments. For some their job with the department is nothing more than a way to get access to cops. Once they land their officer they are ready to resign and let you work your regular shift, plus overtime, plus a part time job or two.
    If you suspect your latest dating prospect might be one of these, in casual conversation let it slip that you are only doing this until the economy turns around and that you really want to work in the county/city human resources office but with the hiring freeze the only job you could get was as a cop. If they suddenly don't have time for you after that, you have found one.
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