This guy is on fire:

Twenty men and women showed up carrying guns and attended the Fair just as anyone else. Children did not run screaming to their mommies, grandmothers did not faint at the sight of a civilian carrying a firearm.

There were no protesters, no violence. The only objections I personally heard were from two drunks in the beer garden. I noticed that there did not seem to be a limit on the amount of alcohol persons were allowed to consume at the Fair.

The public should be far more concerned about the drunks driving home from the Fair than about people who exercise a Constitutional right to openly carry firearms for the purpose of self-defense.

Much like the uneventful Fiesta Hermosa, and yes it was uneventful, not a simple person complained to police; civilians openly carried guns and the world didn't end.

The controversy was caused by the political grandstanding of Manhattan Beach Mayor Mitch Ward who failed to win the nomination for the 53rd Assembly District and the President of the Fair, Maggie Movius who, like General Dreedle in the movie Catch-22, discovered that she was not all powerful.

Unfortunately, the controversy was compounded by the actions of Police Chief Rod Uyeda who tried to justify his $302,142 yearly salary to the petty powers that be on the Manhattan Beach City Council.

Last, but certainly not least, let us not forget the City Attorney Robert Wadden, who receives $280,425 a year. He could have ended the controversy by simply telling the police chief that the law is the law, obey it!

As for these trolls who have raised their pointy little heads, you had the opportunity to show up and make your position heard at the Fair today. Instead, you decided to stay home with your panties all in a bunch and wallowing in your own excrement.

You little cowards. Well, you have a whole year to grow a set of balls before the next Hometown Fair. Of course by then we will have had the Nordyke and Peruta decisions which means our guns will be loaded. So think twice about your petty little plans on committing violence. After all, the core right the US Supreme Court found in Heller and McDonald was the right of self-defense. Firearms are merely the means to that end.