Full magazine spring strength

Full magazine spring strength

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Thread: Full magazine spring strength

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    Full magazine spring strength

    I'm a little confused -

    I've heard it's good to interchange magazines every few weeks to keep the spring strength up, but I have also heard as long as the springs are not moving they retain the strength, which means you could just leave them loaded without issues.

    Is there a study or documentation on this, and Id like any tips advice on how to handle mag rotations, etc.

    Just a confusing subject, thanks!


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    According to Wolff Gunsprings.

    Single stack magazines can stay fully loaded for long periods of time without any problem at all.

    Greater capacity double stack magazines should be downloaded by one or two rounds if they are to be stored for long periods of time since they have minimal space for the fully compressed mag spring due to the fact that cartridge capacity is pushed to the max.

    Here you go......here is a link their FAQ Frequently Asked Questions page.

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    Here is my go-to article most of the times this subject comes up.

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    My mp9 magazines stay fully loaded 6 months at a time until I requalify and they never james up on me yet

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    With modern metallurgy, I believe it is a non issue.

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    I have Wison mags that have been loaded for near 20 years, yet function perfectly when i visit the range.
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