My first IPSC tournament (VIDEO)

My first IPSC tournament (VIDEO)

This is a discussion on My first IPSC tournament (VIDEO) within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; This is from my first IPSC comp. My commander has been super influiential in getting me to come and I got so much better. My ...

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Thread: My first IPSC tournament (VIDEO)

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    My first IPSC tournament (VIDEO)

    This is from my first IPSC comp. My commander has been super influiential in getting me to come and I got so much better. My glock 27 was the smallest pistol there I saw too, so that added a fun challenge, haha. My commander is in the black, My buddy who's a pilot is in the grey, and I'm in the light blue. We haven't recieved scores yet, and although I'm sure I didn't do great, I improved greatly and that's all I was trying to do. I'm now ALOT more confident with my EDC.

    This video is on facebook because my commander (who made the video) is the one who hosted it and that's what he chose to use, so I apoligize. If anyone can tell me how to host it to youtube I'll do that.!/v...v=663610053174

    Also, shoutout to Eugene at Kaluban Cloak holsters. His kydex holster preformed great, and it's what me and Alex (black shirt) are using. He has a glock 19 for those wondering.
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    No can see video if your not logged into facebook.
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    Can't see the video signed in either.

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    I signed in but I cannot see the video.
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    Aint happening for me either...."This video either has been removed from Facebook or is not visible due to privacy settings."

    Congrats on your first IPSC match anyway. They are fun, and sometimes addicting. Doing it with a G27 and you get a gold star from me no matter what your score. Improvement is what you're after, and you get to tactically assess and build your own course of fire basically, and it's on the move and set up as a challenge. Plenty more than you'll get at a formal range at a given distance punching holes in paper.
    Until the actual video comes out, maybe you can describe some in detail as to how you approached the stages, and what parts you enjoyed the most and what you found most challenging. Shooting around barricades, the steel poppers, did you hit any no-hit targets, how did you do on your magazine changes, etc. Get to slide lock on an empty mag? Count your shots?
    Depends on the club, but your scores should normally be available online or through your email within 48 hours or so. Did you end up shooting a 'classifier' stage at this match?

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    No see.
    Have Fun and Shoot Straight !!

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