Boresight Solutions LLC. Review

Review & Pics By: Secpro

Well you have all seen the work done by Boresight from his many pictures posted. Here I will express my opinion, appreciation, and overall satisfaction with the work done by Boresight.

As you all know I am in the security industry and unlike the slackers and my idiot counterparts I actually train with and use my gun. On many details I've worked I have been tasked with working in the rain and have found that the elements are a *****. I don't particularly like wearing gloves 24/7 and it does present an agressive posture. Those of you who own an XD probably know that a Hogue isn't the best option for us. So after reviewing Boresight Solutions and really thinking hard about not wanting to have anyone screw with my gun, i caved and contacted Gentle Ben. I made arrangements to get some work done finally......

Gentle Ben is an upstanding guy. Going back and forth with him online was a blast. My first visit to his shop was pretty cool. I got directions and figured I'd pack the wife up for a road trip. For those here in Florida Boresight is located in the less than friendly part of the MIA. I recommend an extra mag or two for the trip if you're going to visit.

The shop is small and efficient! Not to big not to small, just right. We got there and shot the **** and he allowed me to finger smuck some of his many toys he had. Did I mention he is a class 3 dealer also? He has some pretty nice toys. Anyhow, I was expecting a wam bam thank you ma'am and then for him to kick me the hell out, but that wasn't the case. We sat and talked about what I wanted done to my XD the kind of work I do and what brought me to wanting to get my XD fondled. This was a surprise to me because most companies/people I've dealt with can careless, they just take your money confirm what you want and say good bye to ya. Ben cares about his clients needs and tries to make sure he's giving the best that they desire.

After a brief meet and greet and toy fondling session we got into my XD, and what the many options if any that can be done.
Currently there is not much he can or is willing to really do to the XDs at the moment. (Not sure if this will change in the future)

After we went over everything i went with his package A. Which is a Basic Reduce & Texture.
(Taken from website)
(A) 360-degree Reduce/Texture. Includes undercut/radius of trigger guard and beavertail areas for a more comfortable / higher grip on the gun, closer to the bore axis. Also included is my signature trigger guard modification, where the bottom edges of the trigger guard are radiused and polished. This helps streamline the trigger guard, and also gives a more natural resting place for your support hand.
With that I also added a lanyard hole. This is standard with Glocks and other firearms, but the original XDs didn't come with. Since I use this for detail/tactical work I decided it would be a good addition.

I am quite pleased with the work done and the level of professionalism shown by Gentle Ben. I recommend that if at all possible you guys go on down and checkout his shop and take a look at some of his work. It's impressive and seriously functional.
This is my first time writting a review for a product and I hope it's helpful.

Pics are located in the link below.