Fire Mission -- Wash Post Poll

Fire Mission -- Wash Post Poll

This is a discussion on Fire Mission -- Wash Post Poll within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Hit this poll. The Antis are narrowing the gap.

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Thread: Fire Mission -- Wash Post Poll

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    Exclamation Fire Mission -- Wash Post Poll

    Hit this poll.

    The Antis are narrowing the gap.
    Μολὼν λαβέ

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    Are gun stores responsible for crime? Certainly . . . just as car dealers are responsible for drunk drives.

    It's the Washington Post, folks; what do you expect?
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    Wow what an asinine question. I was actually reading about how some moron "religious leaders" were picketing a gun store in Baltimore like it was their fault all those guns were out killing people (in the hands of criminals). Of course those fools thought it was the gun's fault and the fault of those who sell them, rather than the criminals and the fact that we are all legally disarmed in this state when we leave our property line. Stupid.

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    I voted, we still have them by about 6%!
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    I'll celebrate when everyone here and on any issue-oriented board I frequent gets it through their heads that this kind of poll is completely meaningless, unscientific, and will have no effect whatsoever on public perception or policy.

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    Voted 56% no 43% yes, maybe we should ban forks and spoons since they are responsible for making a large percentage of Americans fat.
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    Yes 42.59%

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    This is poll is an offshoot of a three part series the Post is publishing tracing guns used in crimes back to the gun seller. Yesterday (Sunday) it was Maryland, today Virginia gets slammed, and tomorrow is supposed to be about the ATF. Yesterdays article seemed to concentrate on straw purchases, which of course are illegal even before the person who can't buy the gun for themselves gets their hands on it, and in most cases is very hard to spot at the store.

    It seems that the Post found (but sort of glossed over), the fact that the sellers in Maryland complied with the law, and all it's related paperwork with very few errors, including the "not disapproved" return from the Maryland State Police paperwork. (Does that mean the MSP should also be held responsible? )

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    Here's a link to today's story on Virginia:

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    53.96% No
    46.04% Yes

    Need more votes folks!

    Thats a ridiculous question, and defies logic, and common senses. As posted above, car dealers are not held liable for vehicular deaths. Vehicles, kill and injure FAR more than firearms. Is a hardware store held responsible for every murder or assault committed using a hammer sold from them?

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    losing ground, now 52.7%

    but considering the normal readership of the paper, not all that bad.
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    Voted. It is about 50/50.

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    Voted.....the anti's have passed us by a narrow margin.

    Pretty stupid ....that's like holding a car dealer accountable for accidents caused by cars they sold.

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    voted and it was almost even need more people to hit it : '

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snowman23 View Post
    Voted.....the anti's have passed us by a narrow margin.

    Pretty stupid ....that's like holding a car dealer accountable for accidents caused by cars they sold.
    ... or spoon retailers making Rosie O'Donell fat.

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