XS bigdot install

XS bigdot install

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Thread: XS bigdot install

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    XS bigdot install

    I'm looking to pick up a set and was hoping to save some money on install. There are going to be going on my Glock 36.

    Are these fairly easy to install or am I better off paying someone to do it?

    Any experience is appreciated.

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    The front sight on Glocks is not hard to change, but you need a sight tool to get to / turn the little bolt that holds the front sight on.

    The rear can be relatively easy, or a pain, depending on how tight the dovetail / sight fit is.

    XS has a video on their sight showing how to install: http://www.xssights.com/install.html

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    There is also a video on youtube from James Yeager at tactical response installing a set in about 4 minutes.
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    The little bolt is a 3.16ths and you do need a thin walled socket to turn it the last couple of turns. Front sight is easy. Rear sight--a pusher really takes the work out of it. It it's tough to slide in, file a tiny bit off the bottom of the sight, then round the corners to rid the sharp edges. A nylon punch will do it, but use a cutting board and a solid surface under the slide. Helps to have a second person (or a sight pusher) <g>
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    They send the tool you need with the sight for the glocks.

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    My XS Big Dots came with the tools for the front and rear sights. I have an older Glock, so the front sight removal was a punch. The package also had a nylon drift to remove the rear sights. I had no problems replacing them. I did use a dial caliper to ensure I had the rear sight was centered and it was right on when I went to the range. Watch the video, it is a easy swap. I used a jewlers file on the rear sight and it only took a couple of passes and the sight went in easy. Hope all goes well.

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    I did my own. Not hard at all. Here is the trick. You put the front one on which is no problem. Then with a pencil, find the exact center of where the rear one goes on. Line up the post and glue on ONE HOUR BEFORE YOU GO TO RANGE. At the range, make sure it is accurate. If not adjust and reglue. You don't have to wait an hour again before sighting in again, but you need to test it. Once it is sighted in, let it sit for a day.

    Why one hour before you ask. Because if you wait longer, it will be impossible to adjust it again as the glue works really really good. This way, it has not set permanently and you can move and adjust.

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    Put a set on my 27. Very easy and turned out great I really like them.
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