Could use some thoughts on a spotting scopes.

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Thread: Could use some thoughts on a spotting scopes.

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    Could use some thoughts on a spotting scopes.

    Did the annual pre-rifle season "ought 6" win 70 sighting in. Using factory ammo, I've got it down to an inch at 100, so all is well for now.

    My brother just purchased a scope for a rem 700 he has had several years. He is good at working up a load. He has it to around a inch, but plans on working on reloading rounds and dialing it in by next season. Given his experience, I'm thinking I should take advantage of his equipment and expertise, and piggy back on his plans. As a pay back, and partially to use myself, I am considering the purchase of a spotting scope (as a gift I plan to use).

    While the 50 and 100 work can be done with binoculars and scopes, a good spotting scope would be helpful at those ranges, and the 200 range requires a lot of walking or a good spotting scope.

    He is more into reloading, firearms, etc. then I am. I'm a bit more careful on price then he is, for this type of thing, he likes quality. I know he likes Leupold scopes, where for example I want something of quality that will not fog up, but will be looking for a good price.

    My budget ranges for looking for a bargin at $600.00 to just going to all out, but I think the max is around $1,500 (depends if I can convince the family that this would make a good x-mas gift for my bro).

    So could use some suggestions at those two ranges. Thank you in advance for replies.
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    My question for you would be what do you forsee the max range that this scope will be used at to be? Because if once you get that you can determine the kind of power that is really needed in order to utilize it properly. For instance I have a Bushnell 12-36 power or something along those lines back home, and it works just fine for out to probably 500 meters, if not more, honestly I haven't tried beyond that.

    I also have used a very high end Leupold that had over 50x power to it, and you could easily identify targets at over a klick away with that thing, with amazing clarity, I have no idea on price for it as it was an issued item, but it was amazing.

    Once you determine the power that you need you can start finding scopes that fit your price range and needs.
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    OK, here's some free advice: buy cheap, buy twice!

    I got a Nikon Sky & Earth 20x60 on eBay a couple of years ago for $145. I can spot .22" dia holes at 50 yards and .30" dia holes at 100 yards, but - that's it.

    60 mm is big enough for all but first-light use, but the 20x eyepiece is inadequate for doping small holes at longer ranges. A variable such as 20-60x is ideal; you can pick up the whole target fairly quickly at 20x, then zoom in to a higher power to see the individual hits out to 300 yds and beyond. I also highly recommend an angled eyepiece - this allows the solo shooter to clock the scope and eyepiece to his eye height off the bench, which minimizes struggle to see the target after shooting a string. Watch some serious centerfire match shooters some time to see how they employ their scopes.

    I think you have a sensible budget and can find good glass by 'name' makers such as Leupold, Zeiss and Swarovski. With scopes, you generally do get what you pay for, but if the scope is for range use only (and not for field use) you can probably skate by with lesser optics in favor of better magnification. Save a couple of hundred in your budget for a GOOD tripod, especially a "shorty" good for range use. Check out the guidance on the Optics Planet web site for far more info than I can relate.
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    Great advise. Thanks.

    I can't be sure, but I think for the most part max ranges will be 200 yards, and this will be for range work, not the field.

    Buy cheap, but twice, really interesting advise. Odd thinking but really might save some funds and make things less frustrating.
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