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Accidental Discharge Ruger Mark III

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Thread: Accidental Discharge Ruger Mark III

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    Caution of the day, ATF...
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    Like Jang said,could also be enough crud in the firing pin channel that the firing pin was stuck and after several cucles it went back into the breech face,firing pin needs to be removed and checked for broken parts and or firing pin channel needs a good cleaning
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    Quote Originally Posted by Janq View Post
    Look at the firing pin on this gun.
    It very likely is broken and was, is, protruding when you dropped the bolt onto the first round.

    Firing pins of this sort (.22) can and do fracture from dry fire use, especially if left to hit the breech face rather than a casing.

    [I]Another potential cause is a worn out firing pin spring....Net would/could be the same result.

    Broken firing pin in a rimfire Ruger would be scarcer than hen's teeth. Not impossible, but rare out past about the sixth decimal point.

    The Ruger .22 pistol since at least the Mark I model has a firing pin recess cut into the breech face specifically to prevent damage to the firing pin and damage to the breech face. The "classic" damage due to dry firing a rimfire (with its offset firing pin) was recognized by Ruger in the early 1950's and their design eliminated that as a problem.

    Further, there is no firing pin spring in the Ruger rimfire pistol as we see with other, conventional designs, so there is no firing pin spring to break.

    In order for the gun to slamfire, the firing pin had to be frozen in the "deployed" position it assumes when hit by the hammer. Given rammerjammer's original report that the bolt was difficult to retract and that the gun could not be reassembled after teardown gives far greater credence, in my mind, to either an improper reassembly after the previous teardown, or a phenomenally unlucky accumulation of hardened crud (or possibly a small chunk of brass) in the firing pin slot in the bolt.

    Rammerhammer, do close the loop on this and post back when you find out what the problem was.

    Kudos to you for diligent observance of Rule Two.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rammerjammer View Post
    I have contacted Ruger and am planning to send it back. Should I take it to a local gunsmith before I send it back or just let Ruger handle the problem?
    I sent a Mark II back to Ruger that I had owned for a few years. I was having major issues to the point that the gun was completely unsafe to use. They fixed it and it's been flawless since. Great experience dealing with them. Hopefully yours is too. Let them handle it. Mine was a known issue with something getting bent on re-assembly.
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    Good that no one was hurt.
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    Very informative thread, as I just picked up a used Mark III.
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