Am I expecting too much from this pistol?

Am I expecting too much from this pistol?

This is a discussion on Am I expecting too much from this pistol? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Hi all, long time lurker first time poster. I have a 1911. I don't want to say the manufacturer because I don't want to bash ...

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    Am I expecting too much from this pistol?

    Hi all, long time lurker first time poster.

    I have a 1911. I don't want to say the manufacturer because I don't want to bash anyone in my first post, or ever really. Anyway, its not a real high end gun at all, one of the cheaper ones in fact. The thing won't feed JHP very reliably. I contacted the manufacturer asking if they'll look at it, and they said something like "our pistols are designed to feed FMJ only, but yes we'll work on it to make it do JHP reliably too."

    When I drop a couple hundred dollar bills on a gun, I expect it to work. Thats why I do my research and make sure to buy good stuff (this came highly recommended). I bought a CBST holster and expected it to be worth $80, and it is. However, this gun says .45 ACP on the barrel, not .45 ACP FMJ only on the barrel. FWIW I have tried several brands and bullet weights of JHP and none really work.

    Is it too much for me to expect it to feed JHP too, and if it doesn't expect the manufacturer to fix it on their dime?

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    It depends, if the gun is a GI-style with non-throated barrel then it's following a design that came before JHP was really used. Therefore, it wasn't really designed to take them. If you get the barrel throated or replaced then you can expect better performance with more than just hardball. Good luck with it, in any event.

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    I doubt the manufacturer will modify their pistol for you at their cost if at all. I would recommend consulting your local gunsmith with the problem. It may be easily remedied and cost you less than you might think.

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    I agree with Ramrod on this one. And the cheaper desigs tend to stick with GI style which is not a HP gun.
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    Back in the eighties I had to have my Colt Commander throated to "semi-reliably" feed JHP's, so it's not just the cost of the gun. I stuck with hardball.

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    If the gun just won't digest JHP, consider EFMJ.

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    Not an unusual problem with a 1911. Several months back I purchased a Springfield loaded Champion that would not feed JHP's. I contacted the company and they send me a prepaid return label to ship it back. They polished the feed ramp and reamed the barrel throat. When it came back it was 100% reliable.

    You don't say how long you've had the gun. Are you the original owner and/or is it still under warranty? That will determine if they will pay to fix it, or if you will need to. Customer service varies greatly between manufacturers. I'd contact them again and if you get the same answer ask to speak to a supervisor. Explain the the gun was purchased as a defensive weapon.

    BTW Welcome to the forum.
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    Unless it is a carry gun all you need is FMJ ammo to shoot.If it is your carry gun I would spend more money on a differant gun that would work when you shoot it.Only trust your life with a gun that works.
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    My lower end Kimber feeds JHP and FMJ just fine. I do not know if this is normal. I am new to 1911's but maybe telling us the manufacture we can let you know what you should expect, it is not considered bashing, but giving us the information we need to give you an informed reply to your post.
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    Quote Originally Posted by justherenow View Post
    My lower end Kimber feeds JHP and FMJ just fine. I do not know if this is normal. I am new to 1911's but maybe telling us the manufacture we can let you know what you should expect, it is not considered bashing, but giving us the information we need to give you an informed reply to your post.
    Any modern 1911 "should" feed JHP with unless they tell you right out in the manual (see above post) that they didn't design the gun to. Any modern 1911 that doesn't feed JHPs needs to go back to the manufacturer for repairs.

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    You buy a product and it SHOULD work out of the box. This crap about "lifetime warranty" or "their customer service is great" is bull.

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    Welcome to the DC Forum from Delaware! Good advice given above, can't expound on it!
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    Not sure where you can find a 1911 for $200.00,but I have a RIA 1911 compact,a SA 1911-A1,and a Colt Combat Commander XSE,and they eat everything I feed them,my cheapest the RIA was $369.00 about 4 years ago,One thing you can try is using wilson 47d mags,if the follower in your mags is allowing the front of the bullet to drop even a little that could cause a jam
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    I wouldn't expect a lot from a $200 gun. As others said, without knowing it's brand, it's hard to give advice. You don't say if it's broken in or not, or how many rounds you have through it. That can factor into your problem. If it's made to GI specs, feeding FMJ is about all it will reliably do without a little tuning up and tweaking such a throating the chamber and polishing the feed ramp and slide rails. Even a stronger recoil spring could help. I'm sure a gunsmith could get it running, but the trade off is going to be $$$.
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