Best ammo for 77/22?

Best ammo for 77/22?

This is a discussion on Best ammo for 77/22? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; If anyone has ever shot a Ruger 77/22, what do you feel is the most accurate .22LR brand and genre in which to shoot? I'm ...

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Thread: Best ammo for 77/22?

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    Best ammo for 77/22?

    If anyone has ever shot a Ruger 77/22, what do you feel is the most accurate .22LR brand and genre in which to shoot? I'm getting ready to sight mine in at 50 yards and would like it as accurate as I can be. Thanks.

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    Dave, I used to have one of the all-weather models. It shot the cheapest stuff made back then, Federal Lightenings, which were .99 a box. I never tried anything else in it due to these being so accurate.
    Each rifle is a rule unto itself, so start with the cheap stuff, and work your way up until you are satisfied. They are great rifles.

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    As Glockman10mm said, each rifle is a law unto itself, especially .22's. You may find that middle of the road ammo is a tack driver. A case in point is my 10-22. It shoots CCI Mini-mags very well. I tried some winchester power points that consistently shot into a dime @ 25 yards. A year later I bought some more power points that wouldn't stay inside a quarter (different lot number). The good thing is that .22 ammo is inexpensive so it won't break the bank to try ten different loads and let the rifle tell you what it likes. If maximum accuracy (vs. hunting use) is your goal, start with target grade ammo.

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    As I've referred many to a more specific forum concerning 22lr.....I'll head you in the same direction. Great forum and plenty of info (I support it as well).

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    No rhyme or reason to what shoots best. I lost my notes about what is the most accurate in my 77/22, but since I had some accurizing done by CPC (CT Precsion Chambering) they all shoot pretty well.

    Keep an open mind and try hollow points and solids, copper plated and plain lead, high velocity and standard velocity. But here's a tip when you go to evaluate accuracy of different rimfire ammo: shoot a couple of mags full of the test ammo to condition the bore before shooting for "score." You don't necessarily need to clean the bore between samples, although a couple of swipes with a Bore Snake won't hurt. I tripped over this when I had to change ammo during an Appleseed shoot and had to re-zero for both elevation and windage after the change. I did some research afterwards and found out about the 'conditioning' effect.
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