Ruger single six gun's ?

Ruger single six gun's ?

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Thread: Ruger single six gun's ?

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    Ruger single six gun's ?

    Does anyone on the forum have one & their review's on them ?

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    You bet... took me a while, but I found a barely-used Single-Six at a gun show. Blued, 6-5/8" barrel, adjustable sights. I'd prefer the 5-1/2" barrel, but I don't carry it a lot so that's really not an issue, just a slight preference.

    I do recommend the adjustable sight models, and if you live in an area where humidity is a problem, the stainless models are probably worth the extra cost for you. I'm in the Phoenix area, so blued works just fine for me.

    The thing that took the longest for me to get used to was that the grip is a bit short and I have to tuck my pinky finger under the base of the grip. With the rimfire, there is zero problem because the gun balances well and the recoil is non-existent. The single-action trigger isn't light, but it is quite crisp with minimal overtravel.

    My SS didn't come with a .22 Mag cylinder, but I located a spare from a gunsmith for cheap. Ruger wants then to be factory-fitted, but that's fundamentally to check the rotational indexing (timing). I checked mine with a home-made "range rod" and the timing seemed spot on, so I've popped off a few dozen magnum rounds. A lot more noise, for sure! Not so sure the bunny at 20 yards would know the difference, but it's always fun to have a choice.

    I think a .22 revolver is a dandy training handgun for beginners, especially young ones, and the Single-Six at about 35 ounces is heavy enough to be steady in a 10 year-old's hands. Trigger management and safely de-cocking a loaded gun are easy to learn, and they instill good safety habits from the git-go. Loading no more than 6 rounds at a time also keeps 'em from the "bangbangbangbang did I hit anything?" syndrome, and allows more time to focus on hitting the target.

    I shoot other .22 handguns more accurately, but not with any more fun than my Single-Six.
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    I have one as well. It is a fun gun to plink with and carry afield hunting small game. A good solid design.
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    I had one years ago. Great gun for deliberate plinking. Very accurate. I liked the single action and I've always liked Ruger's small grips.

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    I have a SS in stainless...two's like having two pistolas...great gun!
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    I have two of them, one long barrel, one short, and love them. My hands are large, so had to get different grips, which were murder to install. With the two cylinders they're versatile, pretty, and the single action encourages precision shooting. Love em!

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    Yes, a Old Three Screw model Ruger Single Six, 5.5” barrel, Flatgate, Flattop, black checkered hard rubber grip which has had the transfer bar safety conversion kit installed at the Factory. [Parts required to restore it to original factory condition were returned.]

    Fun cheap plinker out at the Farm and taken along as a BUG when fishing, hiking or riding in the Colorado back county.

    The Ruger store is a good source for Holsters.

    Single-Action: products

    NOTE: Ruger Single Six revolvers before S/N 150000 do not / can not be refitted with a .22 Magnum cylinder because the bore is to small.

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    I've got three of them. Two old models. with 5.5 in barrels, made in 1958. One has been converted to the transfer bar system, the other is original. I've also got a 50th anniversary, New Model with a 4 5/8 (4 3/4?) barrel. They're all three good shooters. Anything "better" will cost a LOT more.

    Look used. I found the two old models for $250.00 each.

    New Model & Bearcat. Got the New Model used also, but it was LNIB so it cost a bit more.

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    Really fun guns. Mine has a 5-1/2" barrel and two cylinders. I put a Wolf Trigger return spring in it.

    Lots and lots of fun for plinking and carrying on trails in the woods. Recommended as a first handgun for kids and grand kids to shoot too.

    I also have a 5-1/2" Ruger BlackHawk in .45 Colt that's a bunch of fun to shoot and reload for.


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    Great gun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    I have a SS in stainless...two's like having two pistolas...great gun!


    Only mine is blued. 5 1/2in. with the mag cyl.

    Can hardly keep it out of both my daughters hands.

    Small specks of surface rust on each of the cyl., in 2-3 spots

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    I've had one for about 25 years. Great gun, plenty accurate. Mine is a blued model with the 9 1/2" barrel, both cylinders. I think the long barrel makes the most of the .22 mag round. Had an action job done years ago, trigger is great now. Not something I try to carry concealed though.
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    My landlord has one that we shoot quite a bit. He ordered his with the 9.5 inch barrel! It looks like something The Joker would carry but it shoots nice. You can definitely see the quality and workmanship when you see it side by side with my Heritage Arms 22 Single action.
    My other Kahr is a Kimber.

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