my new Smitty

my new Smitty

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Thread: my new Smitty

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    my new Smitty

    Today me and mom were at the gun shop together, we were kind of shopping around because I decided I didn't like the trigger I liked on the Rossi I had on layaway. A gentleman walked in with his family and told his story about how he was down on his luck and needed cash so he wanted to sell his gun. The gun store turned him down because the owner was not there to write the check to buy the gun off of him. So the guy behind the counter announced to the population of the store that there was a gentleman who needed to sell his gun and any deals on it needed to be made outside the store. So I asked to see the gun the gentleman brought in. It turned out to be a SW9VE Sigma Series 9mm Smith and Wesson in near new condition with two mags and the original packaging and paperwork. I asked him what he wanted for it and he said 150 since thats what the gun store offered him. I had him meet me outside, and I had the store put the Rossi back on the shelf and give me my money back except for a restocking fee. I checked his ID to make sure it matched the paperwork on the gun, everything matched up, and she is sitting next to me as I type this now. I feel bad that his misfortune led to my great once in a lifetime deal, but it was meant to be. I assured him I would take great care of it. I included a picture for you. Also, I have an opportunity to buy a 1943 Remington O3A3 30.06 rifle in mint condition for 350, what do you think about that rifle and the price on it? Also any comments about the Sigmas are new Smitty-img00048-20101111-2303.jpg
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    You really got a good buy. I just sold my Sigma 40VE yesterday. It did not compare to my G22 but is an S&W copy of the G22. The trigger pull on the Sigma is right around 10# which is excessive but made that way by Smith deliberately. Some people do trigger jobs on them but I did not want to go to the trouble or expense to do it. Easier to sell it and start with another gun, the G22. You can get a new barrel for it that is supposed to tighten the group up. Good luck with the purchase, you did not get hurt at that price and should always be able to get you money back for it.
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    If the Remington '03A3 is original and correct then that is a deal!
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    You got a fine deal on the S&W, without a doubt. But I would be very careful about the pedigree on the '03A3. The reason for my caution is that even bastardized, "sporterized" Springfields in shabby condition go for more than $350 everywhere I've seen them for sale. Granted, the '03 is more desirable from the collector's standpoint, but an '03A3 in mint condition should easily offset that. If you can confirm that it's original, then you've got an even better deal on your hands (not to mention an heirloom, which a plastic S&W is not).

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    Congrats on the new pistola!
    Great deal, by the way.
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    Congrats on the new pistol. The Sigma's like that really aren't too bad. I thought I got a deal on mine for a 9mm practice pistol, but you paid half of what I did for a new one. The trigger ccan smooth up with use, and you just get used to it (unless you go from it to a 1911 in the same shooting session). But they are fun little pistols, congrats on the snag.
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    You sure didn't get hurt. You can shoot the crap out of it and still sell it later if you want and make a profit.

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    Well they are not multi thousand custom guns, but they will shoot and work when you need them too. You did OK.
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    Congrats on the Sigma!
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    Congrats, my father has a sigma i've shot it. As long as a gun goes bang every time you pull the trigger thats what you want.
    I was at the range and me and one other .My CZ was doing its usual, but the other guy with his Les Baer could not get that 1911 to go thru one mag without a jam. He told me what it cost i said" nothing" i felt bad for him he was extremely upset.

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