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How far do you travel to go to the range?

This is a discussion on How far do you travel to go to the range? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by isme I've got two ranges within 6 miles of my house. The one I normally use is 4 miles. Both are outdoor. ...

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Thread: How far do you travel to go to the range?

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    Quote Originally Posted by isme View Post
    I've got two ranges within 6 miles of my house. The one I normally use is 4 miles. Both are outdoor. The closest allows anything but full auto.
    One of them must be Volunteer on Rifle Range Road but if you don't mind me asking what's the other outdoor in Knox county?

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    I use an indoor range about 24 miles from home, 12 miles from work...which is the starting point most often. There's a outdoor members-only club less than 10 miles from home, & another (smaller) indoor range about 25 miles to the south.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mr surveyor View Post
    about 8 miles = 11 minute drive - 7 days a week - 6 am to 9 pm - rifles, handguns, shotguns - 3 yards up to 300 yards - range lights, bathrooms, shelters - private club with lots of members

    Sounds like we belong to the same range, and given your "location" i'm pretty sure!

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    Late to the party but count me in the backyard group. I am very lucky.

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    For me it's about 15 mi. to private land that I can shoot on or about the same distance for public range, handguns, shotguns or rifles.
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    Members only range 25 minutes away. Open dawn to dusk.
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    About a hundred feet. I do love my little piece of land.

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    For anyone interested in exploring the practicality of an indoor range check out: Range Development Services - Indoor Shooting Facility Advisory

    Open for 2 months now...great success and as a result we are zeroing in on our second location for the same group who developed this property.

    Our services include site selection, feasibility, design, construction management of the facility to education, sales, merchandising and operations.

    Here's a link to the 15,000 sq. ft. store and range we just completed. The Range at Lake Norman

    Range Development Services, LLC

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    10-15 minutes from my moms house to Rio Salado, about 15 minutes to Caswells as well. If I go with my uncle it's either Scottsdale Gun Club, off of the Beeline at the Four Peaks exit or Rio Salado, he used to be the treasurer out there a few years back.
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    New indoor range about 2 miles from the holes.
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    I can drive to Bud's Gun Warehouse in 3 min. They have a range. I think I'll go now.

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    21miles about, open 7 days 7am-5pm then shooting events after 6pm

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    Back door. I shoot up to 1000 yards on my property

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    From my home, 4 miles.

    From my cabin, 2 blocks.

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    I have two indoor ranges with 6-10 miles. One has a 100 yd Rifle range the other does not. The first charges $12/hr per head. the second charges $12/hr per lane which can save some money.

    Then there is an outdoor range for pistol and rifle about 30 miles away that charges 12 bucks all day with a max range of 100 yds. Then finally about 60 miles away is the 1000 yd range which charges 12 buck for all ranges but 1000 and 18 for the 1K range (covers the golf cart).
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