How far do you travel to go to the range?

How far do you travel to go to the range?

This is a discussion on How far do you travel to go to the range? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I know this can range from 20ft to shoot in your back yard on up. But hey, I'm curious. I currently need to go about ...

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Thread: How far do you travel to go to the range?

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    How far do you travel to go to the range?

    I know this can range from 20ft to shoot in your back yard on up. But hey, I'm curious.

    I currently need to go about 31mi each way unless I were to be shooting clays. With the daylight only hours, makes it kinda hard to get out and shoot as much as I want lately.

    How about everyone else?

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    I belong to a private range that about 20 miles away. It's open 7 day a week, sun up until sun down.
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    Local range is only 9 miles away but if I want to shoot a high power match then it is 52 miles.
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    Texas, South of the Sabine
    about 8 miles = 11 minute drive - 7 days a week - 6 am to 9 pm - rifles, handguns, shotguns - 3 yards up to 300 yards - range lights, bathrooms, shelters - private club with lots of members


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    About 20 minutes for handguns. About 1.5 hr for sporting clays. 15 to rifle range.

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    Our own property is an hour away with unlimited shooting opportunities. The local range which is owned by a private gun club is on the same road as our house. If I'm not hung up by traffic at a single intersection controlled by a stop sign I can be there in two minutes. I went to the range a total of three different times today, playing with a new gun and some handloads.
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    I drive seven miles and am the president of our range, which is open sun up to sun down. We are a 200 member capacity private range with 185 current members.

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    I'm about 30-35 miles away they opened up a new exit off the 417 a while back and i haven't really clocked it since but i think i saved about 6 miles by taking the new exit. I can shoot dawn to dusk anything from a .22 all the way up to a .50 cal rifles/pistols/shotguns. We even have hatchet/knife throwing target and a couple archery ranges. Too bad houses are starting to close in on us, hopefully Orange County Sheriffs doesn't sell their range anytime soon

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    Really SW, Virginia
    About 6 miles up the mountain. Not an "official" range. More like a fairly large embankment in the side of the mountain where everyone (including law enforcement) around here goes. Even one of our City Council members, who teaches CHP classes, among other things (like repelling), shoots there. Everybody we've encountered there have all been courteous and safety oriented (except one couple of guys that wanted to sight in a rifle and the only way to do that is shoot diagonally across the field/parking area so to speak. His bullet patch would have taken his round about 10 feet from the front driver side of our vehicle. When he started setting up to shoot, setting up his target and I saw his intention, we packed up and left).
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    Indoor range, rifle rated, 18 lanes $17/hour, 30 miles.
    Indoor range, up to .223, 12 lanes, $20/hour, 9 miles.

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    I am a member of these three ranges; it's a long story why:

    Chattanooga Rifle Club (outdoor - handguns and sub-guns too) - 6 miles
    Shooter's Depot (indoor - handguns and handgun carbines ) - 10 miles
    Sportsman's Supply (indoor, handguns only) - 16 miles

    Carter Shooting Supply (best range in town) but I don't belong to it anymore - 10 miles
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    The range I use is 5 miles from my house. My gun club membership along with the club's NRA membership requirement entitles me to unlimited use of the range any time a scheduled match or other event isn't happening.

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    Backyard shooting for me. there is a private club about 5 miles away too.
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    Closest outdoor public range is 45 min up the interstate. There is an indoor range in town but it's so disgusting I won't use it. NO ventilation, NO a/c, no one bothers to clean up after themselves, etc. For $9/hr and and having to buy their overpriced ammo, I'll drive the 45 mins.
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    West Palm Beach, Florida
    Private gun club. Approx 50 miles each way but I stop halfway and a friend drives the rest of the way.
    4 pistol ranges (including 1 steel ) and one rifle range.
    Very well kept,strict safety rules.
    Has about 750 members but I've never seen more than 10 people there at any one time.
    Never had to wait for a shooting position.
    Used to shoot indoors about 7 miles and the extra drive is worth it for safety, cleanliness and friendliness.
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