Holiday Firearms Traditions

Holiday Firearms Traditions

This is a discussion on Holiday Firearms Traditions within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Anyone do anything special over the holidays? Family skeet shoots, reloading extravaganzas, giving thanks for the bounty of the arsenal, etc? I was just reading ...

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Thread: Holiday Firearms Traditions

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    Holiday Firearms Traditions

    Anyone do anything special over the holidays? Family skeet shoots, reloading extravaganzas, giving thanks for the bounty of the arsenal, etc?

    I was just reading a cooking forum and am amazed at how some people there just overacheive with food on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Surely a bunch of gun nuts must do some fun stuff.

    Maybe cookies in the shapes of revolvers?

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    When my grandfathers were alive, we(including my dad) would always go out for a nature walk on Christmas Eve. At least one rifle would accompany us and we would work in some target shooting. Being the smallest and most spry, it was my job to climb the trees and retrieve any mistletoe we found. We took the mistletoe to the family Christmas Eve dinner at my Aunt's house.

    I would like to restart something like this with my daughters, but we don't have access to any land.

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    Every thanksgiving morning I hunt quail with friends and family. Then the bounty is added to the feast. After dinner we all go target shooting. Going on 22 years now minus a few deployments and duty assignments that kept me away from doing so.

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    When I was 8 Santa brought me a youth sized 20 GA that I still have to this day. I knew this had Dad written all over it and my childhood doubts about Santa became fully realized. But at least I got a gun out of it.

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    Whitetail modern firearms season comes in tomorrow. I usually get a bit of hunting in.
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    Years ago, it was a family Pheasant hunt with all the men and boys (that was OK back then). Afterwards it was back to the farm to clean our harvest and sip on peppermint schnapps.
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    Whenever the entire family gets together (holidays or not)...there is always a trip to the local range. If we wanted to give the Brady Bunch a heart attack, we'd invite them and show them our "arsenal"...includes: SIG P220, P226, P229, P232, P239, Beretta 92 FS, Kahr MK9, S&W Model 19, Benelli M3 Super 90, M1 Garand, Benelli Nova, various M4geries, SKS, M1D, Ruger 10/22, Walter P22...just for starters...
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    When I was younger and lived at home with my parents, my and my brother-in-law would go target shooting on Thanksgiving day after we ate. With everyone scattered out now, kids, in-laws, trying to make the circuit to everyone's houses it just doesn't happen anymore.
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    Hung up my bow, and checked my sights ( scope ) on my 30.06. Monday morning white tail deer enter the menu if I get lucky!.

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    On Thanksgiving, my cousins and I shoot behind our uncle's barn after dinner or supper. We can shoot out to more than 1000 yards, but usually just stick to 100 or less. It is nice.

    Black Friday normally consists of getting up at 0530 and going hunting in the backyard until I fall asleep. This year, I'll be opening the gun shop early.
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    My youngest son & I go duck/goose hunting Thanksgiving morning.
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    Every other year when we go to my sisters (she lives out in the country where we can shoot on the back 40) for XMas, we do some shooting. My brother-in-law is a very good bird hunter and clay pigeon shooter. I always pick up a box of clays and 2 cases (?) of 20 gauge shells. Well, 250 shells, 100 birds. I always have birds left! I'm not very good with it but I do have fun safely. This year will be a little different as now I have my CCW and my wife has hers and my sister has been learning to shoot. Should be a bang up time with the shotguns and the pistols.

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    Used to go hunting squirrels with my grandfather, and when we got back from the woods, all the rest of the family had arrived. Wonderful memories. Now, I am the only one that does anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AZ Husker View Post
    Years ago, it was a family Pheasant hunt with all the men and boys (that was OK back then). Afterwards it was back to the farm to clean our harvest and sip on peppermint schnapps.
    AZ Husker, its still OK today to do that. Its something our family does every year. Its as big as opening day for us. Too many young ones for the schnapps, but when they head in to clean up, a few hang out in the barn and take a few sipps.

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    I have to ask,why the hell do yall spend craploads of time and money and energy a few times of the year instead of spreading it out and relaxing.I mean really,why?

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