Need Gun Book Ideas for Xmas

Need Gun Book Ideas for Xmas

This is a discussion on Need Gun Book Ideas for Xmas within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I'm late getting the Frau my Xmas wish list. Here is a glimpse into my library. (It's from memory, so it may not be complete.) ...

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Thread: Need Gun Book Ideas for Xmas

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    Need Gun Book Ideas for Xmas

    I'm late getting the Frau my Xmas wish list. Here is a glimpse into my library. (It's from memory, so it may not be complete.)

    Ayoob--Stressfire, Gunproofing your Children
    Bird--Concealed Handgun Manual, The
    Brister--Shotgunning, The Art & Science
    Cooper--Principles of Personal Defense, The Art of the Rifle
    Nonte--The Art of Pistolsmithing
    Stanford--Surgical Speed Shooting
    Sweeney--Pistolsmithing book, Rifle Book
    Tappan--Survival Guns

    Am I missing your favorite book? Suggestions welcome.

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    Ayoob- Digest of Concealed Carry (I think of it as a back to basics CCW101),
    Ayoob- In Gravest Extreme (it's on my wish list),
    Gavin de Becker- Just 2 seconds (executive protection study coupled with a fast tactical response mindset breaks down a few training methods, has lots of info on physical responses, reflexes, tactical positioning so it may spark interest it may be too far off of the topic for your interest)

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    Well if you're gong to carry a gun...and possibly use it, this is a must..."On Killing", by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman. (The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society.)
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    I don't remember what it's called, but it's blue, and square. It's a great coffee table book. It has pictures, descriptions, and info on hundreds of historical rifles broken down in period all the way from the first muzzle loaders all the way to modern day assault rifles.

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    Grossman's "On Killing" and "On Combat", plenty in both that applies to people who aren't in the military.
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    Here are a few titles from my library and my wish list. Some are out of print, so direct your sweetie to look at Amazon's and Barnes & Noble's used book selection on line:

    Cooper on Handguns – Jeff Cooper. Petersen Publishing, 1974.

    To Ride, Shoot Straight, and Speak the Truth - Jeff Cooper. Gunsite Training Center, 1998

    The Ayoob Files: The Book. Police Bookshelf, 1995.

    Thank God I Had a Gun – Chris Bird. Privateer Publications, 2007.

    Shoot A Handgun – Dave Arnold. PVA Books, 1984.

    Big-Bore Handguns – John Taffin. Krause Publications, 2002.

    No Second Place Winner - Bill Jordan. Police Bookshelf, 1965.

    Unrepentant Sinner - Autobiography of Col. Charles Askins. Paladin Press, 1985.

    And if you're a firearms collector of any sort, any of the "coffee table" books by R.L. Wilson on Colt, Winchester, and the Peacemaker
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    I just recently bought this one, excellent read on tactics, combat shooting, and mindset/awareness:
    "Modern-Day Gunslinger:Handgun Training Manual" by Don Mann and forwarded by David Grossman

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    Enos' Beyond Fundamentals (mainly competition, but good tips too)
    Suarez--The Combative Perspective, The Tactical Handgun, Force on Force Training, Die Less Often (dvd)
    Matt Burketts Lessons 1-4 (dvd)
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